Couple brutally attacked by stranger in front of young daughter

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)-- A man and his fiancée were beaten by a stranger. He’s hospitalized and she’s recovering at home.

It all happened in front of their two and half year old daughter while the family was fishing along the Meramec River.
Christopher Gerritsen, 32, is hospitalized with a severe concussion. Gerritsen said he doesn’t remember about being hit and knocked out cold. “The next thing I know I woke up in somebody’s arms bleeding,” he stated.

His fiancée Tiffany Corbett was frightened. She said, “I feared for my life and I was afraid for my daughter.”
She has nine stitches around her eyes, bruises and an injured shoulder. They were on the river when a stranger at first befriended them and then turned dangerous. Tiffany said he made a pass at her. “He said let why don’t you and me go make out in the woods I said excuse me.”
Then she said he told her she was a bad mother because she didn’t put her daughter in the car alone three quarters of a mile away to protect the girl from mosquitoes. That led to a heated exchange. And then the couple said the stranger turned violent. First he struck Tiffany and then knocked Christopher out. Gerritsen said he is still in pain. “I’m getting a whole lot of throbbing in my head. He rang my bell pretty good and my wrist hurts so bad,” he said.

St. Louis County Police are investigating and looking for the suspect.  The couple’s daughter witnessed the entire beating and was affected.  Corbett said, “She’s waking up with nightmares, she’s screaming mommy, daddy blood, blood mommy, daddy.”

A tearful Gerritsen added, “I was scared for my daughter’s safety, my wife’s safety there was nothing I could do there was nothing I could do.”

They want the suspect caught and punished.


  • susan cassler

    what in the hell is wrong with some people? You can’t even go fishing without fearing for your life? Hope they catch that creep.

  • WTF

    Well they could have taken their safety into their own hands, and carried a concealed weapon to be able to defend themselves. That sort of thing would never happen to me and my family.

    • A


      • Sue

        Sadly, in these times, you have to think that something just might happen, especially if you’re in a secluded area. Always be on guard. A lone man comes my way, I pack up and move toward the car. Maybe he’s nice, maybe he isn’t, why take a chance? So sorry for this family.

      • Brandon

        @A: That’s kinda the point! That’s why you carry at all times. You never know when some psychopath is going to flip out and attack or kill your family.

    • Bryan

      What part of “hit from behind” did you not understand? Had he had a gun, the crazy person would have beaten them up AND had a gun.

    • Fed Up With Liberals

      EXACTLY…unfortunately given the sick demented world we live in, CCW is our only defense at least until law enforcement arrives! Stand up against the anti-gun “liberal left” degenerates and fight to keep your 2nd Amendment rights!!!!

  • J

    Why isn’t there a description of the suspect? I imagine that area will be busy this coming weekend, a description would probably be a good thing.

  • rose

    This is a perfect example of why people need to carry, they won’t call you ahead of time and give you a heads up on assaulting you, I agree, both adults in the party should have some type of weapon.

  • Bob Grounds

    These kinds of things will continue to happen until the lawmakers get tough enough to finally say enough is enough and stop parolling these scum and start executing them quickly, swiftly and by the thousands. There is an old saying…if your not part of the solution. …then your part if the problem. Its time to cut the waste and start using the tax dollars to do good for ppl who need it instead of wasting it on worthless scum.

  • Stlbob

    again those who disagree with CCW have not been in something like this. All it would have taken was one of them to be armed,if they had been and the loser that attacked them saw that im certain he would have given it a lot more thought.I dont critize you because you choose NOT to carry DO NOT critize me because i choose to carry.

  • STYX65

    My first problem is why no discription on what the perp looks like.
    Second if you’ve got a young child drop your fishing pole grab your tackle box fror defence grab your kid and run like hell and if you have a panic mode on your remote click it and keep clicking til someone stops

  • stl314

    This sounds like some bull! This don’t add up at all. I betcit wasva drug deal gone wrong!

  • tony

    Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6……all about carrying my heat everywhere we go…

  • Ken


    Ah… hello… no description or location? Hello????

    Put the power of the internet behind this and help the STL CoPo.

  • kla

    Funny my bf was brutally beaten in march when he went to help someone with car problems 2 men ran out of woods and beat him nearly to death 15 staples to cover gaps in his head from brass nuckles… bc he was not hospitalized (bc of no insurance) it was moved to assult 2nd degree instead of 1st degree… the men who one of which just plead guilt and is getting out in 120 with good behavior and the 2nd we go to court with for tomorow…. state of missouri law states if your not law enforcement 2nd degree assult doesn’t have to serve time… be scared for your daughter and fiance safety my daughter and I were stalked at hospital by the 2nd man who was on the run we caught him not police police weren’t watching….

    • rose

      KLA, You have probable cause for a restraining order on this guy, GET ONE. Please tell me you carry!!!

  • 2 cents

    no discription of the perp.. cause im dying to call him white trash long haired hippie piece of trailer park scum but then again catfish love dark meat glad the family is ok!

  • Phil Evans

    When a stranger is arguing and aggressive with your wife, it might be a good idea to pay attention so that you don’t get knocked out. While paying attention, it is also a good idea to be armed with a firearm to keep safe from 2-legged and 4-legged predators while outside.

    Sheep will be sheep, but some learn lessons the hard way and get the message that evil exists in the world. A pistol is a lot easier to carry with you than a police officer.

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