Supreme Court Justice Alito stays Missouri execution

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BONNE TERRE, Mo. (AP) - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has issued an order halting the planned execution of a Missouri inmate.
Alito's order issued late Tuesday does not explain why he suspended the scheduled execution of Russell Bucklew, but it indicates that he or the high court will have more to say about the matter.
The order was issued shortly after the full 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a stay of execution granted hours earlier by a three-judge panel of that court.
The panel issued the stay over concerns that Bucklew's rare medical condition could cause him undue suffering during lethal injection.
Bucklew was scheduled to die by lethal injection at 12:01 Wednesday.


  • rose

    How disrespectful the courts are, more concerned about a murderer than his victims. They may have just opened a can of worms they will be sorry for later.

    • Jeffrey Brown

      Another fine example of our PC society, I hope they don’t hurt his feelings or give him a complex with all of this harsh death talk.
      Thank you Liberals and money grubbing Attorneys!!!!

  • Johnny G

    I can’t believe this garbage. This animal is too sick to be executed. Too bad his victims weren’t sick. Maybe he wouldn’t have killed and assaulted them.

  • Carol Angelbeck

    What a travesty our Federal Court is to give this murderer a stay because of his veins, when he has had surgery and didn’t have a problem. I for one am sick of the judges that are sitting on the Federal Court, as it seems everything stops with them. I suppose most of them are against the death penalty and that is the problem. We need judges who will uphold the law in our states regardless of their beliefs and at the present time we do not have them in the Federal COurts.


    HEY Russell you’ve got better than an hour to go………..48 minutes………..ain’t that better than an hour !

  • Ken

    More intrusion by know-nothings from the Federal level. If this animal scum had harmed Alito’s friends or family he would not likely be so sympathetic to Bucklew’s whining.


    Why are we worried about how he dies? Oh my its too inhumane to allow someone to have a violent death. He killed a person then raped a woman, did he have feelings about how these people felt when he was committing this crime?
    I think not, so why should we be concerned with how violent his life is going to end? We shouldn’t have to. Get it over with so he quits using tax payer dollars to extend his pathetic life.

  • Danny

    This man needs to be put to death and the judge that issued the order of stay needs to be removed from the bench. No one who committed cold blooded murder deserves any sympathy. I just pray that order is lifted soon so this man can meet his maker and truly be judged for his crime.

  • KGB

    Why in the H3LL do they care if it’s painful to him??!??He didn’t care when he MURDERED and RAPED!!!!He already got to live since 1996,and be probably visited by family and friends,which the VICTIMS DIDN’T!! 18 years of a free ride,on our tab!When they have indisputable proof of a crime,why can’t we go back to public hangings in the town square?Look at all the money and grief it would save.Look up Ron White’s take on the subject sometime.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Alito’s one of the conservative court justices, right? Then, he might just be trying to protect one of his own kind.

    • Mascoutan

      Congratulations! You’ve won the “Most Ignorant Post of the Day”! Of course you have to be first qualified to win this award and you are VERY qualified! Well done.

      • byebyeisanidiot

        it’s standard procedure here that any post coming from the resident clown byebye wins the most ignorant post of the day. keep a look out memorial day is fast approaching, he’ll win again for the disparaging comments he’s bound to make concerning the military.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Good this poor guy shouldn’t have to suffer , send him to a FEMA camp then release him ASAP.

  • Nyree Foster

    Doesn’t Missouri have the Gas Chamber as a method of execution? I know lethal is the primary but if there is such a problem with the drugs gas em.

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