Missouri governor announces education funding cuts

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JEFFERSON CITY,  MO  (AP) – Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is making more cuts to public education because of a decline in casino and lottery revenues.

Nixon announced more than $35 million of new spending restrictions Tuesday. That’s on top of $22 million of restrictions announced in April.

The Democratic governor said lottery and casino revenues are not meeting the amounts assumed in the 2014 budget that runs through June 30. Because the gambling revenues are dedicated to education, Nixon says the cuts must come from that area.

He said the K-12 school funding formula will lose $24.6 million in the latest round of cuts, raising the total cut tomore than $40 million.

Nixon said universities would lose an additional $10.5 million, raising the total higher education reduction to nearly $17 million.


  • Jeremy

    Bottom of his priority list, lots of other stuff to cut from but chooses education first. Somehow will blame conservatives for it too


    Yep cut education to keep his pockets full. But what about all of the money that education in Missouri is getting from lottery ticket sales? HMMMMMMMM very interesting question I think, but I bet you a dollar to a dime that question will not get answered by any of them as it would directly affect their incomes..

  • dbhbk1


    Why is it the first thing these bureaucrats want to cut are the educational funds. Have they all declared war on education of this country’s children. Don’t they realize that the future of this country lies with our children’s education. These politicians are running this country into the ground.

    • Joe

      Keep people uneducated and they are easier to control. When gaming came to MO, schools did not receive more money from gaming revenue, instead the source of the money for education was changed. What is wrong with education in America, a shared responsibility between: society, administrators, teachers, parents, and students!!

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