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Normandy parents react to school district dissolving

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI) – On Tuesday, the Missouri Board of Education voted to dissolve the financially strapped, unaccredited Normandy School District.

Even though the current Normandy will be lapsed, the geographical boundaries, and Normandy name, will remain with the new district, which will be called the “Normandy Schools Collaborative”.  Proud alumni, students and parents feel that’s at least one piece of good news.

Fox 2 caught up with several community members at Normandy High School, as they returned from Columbia, where they heard the news from the Missouri Board of Education, firsthand.

Parent and alumna Tamar Shepherd explains, “I’m grateful that they’re allowing our children to remain in their home base, in their district. We have a lot of great opportunities to work with.”

The plan dictates that on July 1st, a new appointed board will replace the elected school board.  All faculty and staff will have to re-apply in order to keep their jobs.

Barack Obama Elementary Parent Liaison Ellsworth Wellmaker hopes some good will come out of these changes: “I’m hoping that this plan will bring necessary resources into the district, in terms of money, outside stakeholders, wraparound services, and everything needed to turn a district around that has been struggling like ours has.”

Even though many are glad that Normandy will get to keep its identity, some were upset that the school transfer mandate meant that so much money left the school district to begin with, and led to these desperate measures.

Normandy resident and grandparent Betty Jackson says, “To take our tax money and send the kids someplace else, they could’ve used that tax money and done something for here.”

“I am very disappointed, but we’ll keep our faith,” adds fellow grandparent Marjorie Simms.

Questions remain as to whether the new Normandy will still be unaccredited, and whether students will still be able to transfer.
The state Board of Education will meet again in June, and at that point, there should be more clarity on these issues.


  • Cit Riverview

    It’s a beautiful thing that all these people are looking out for their school district well-being but it begs this question, Where, were they before it lost its accreditation? This just didn’t happen overnight..If Our society can answer that, and understand there’s a problem within the Black community and that community realizing that it has a problem, then, and only then, can steps be taken to correct all the issue that plague them as a community.

  • Ken

    Normandy strong? Normandy broke! This time around parents, wake up and pay attention to what’s happening in YOUR school district. It was YOUR (and others) money they were wasting, not theirs.

    • Joe

      All schools waste money, some just have more to waste then others. Education in America is broke! The state isn’t going to come in an fix the school. Look at the MO School for the Blind, a school run by the shape and just as poorly run as other schools the state takes over.

  • Jeffrey Brown

    No matter your view on this subject, This is the correct first step.
    The administration is a failure as a group, so start with a clean slate.
    Now re-hired administrators and teachers should have to show their teaching and or managing ability and history before they are welcomed aboard.

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