Problems with equipment in troubled Monarch Fire Protection District

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(KTVI)-- The You Paid For It team investigates the troubles with facilities and equipment in the troubled Monarch Fire Protection District in West County.

According to internal reports obtained by Fox 2, the district needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs to facilities and million for equipment. Investigator Elliott Davis went to engine houses in the district to see problems with the roof, with electrical wiring, issues with foxing a mold problem, and a broken down rescue boat.

The former fire chief tells Elliott Davis the district has had to borrow fire trucks when their own truck and back-up broke down.

But District Board President Robin Harris says this board is doing a good job keeping tab on things. The board has been locked in a bitter battle with its own firefighters over spending priorities and personnel issues.


  • Ken

    Yes, a proofreader produced by an education system sliding down hill and about to fall off the cliff this fall.

  • Jeanne Harlow

    It’s funny that after Chief Vineyard is gone that Elliot Davis would pull together this ridiculous story from old clips etc….it seems to me that Chief Vineyard is once again using the firefighter union and Elliot Davis to retaliate against his old boss at Monarch! Maybe if Vineyard was not played by the union bosses he could have actually accomplished something at Monarch. Look at how he got a job at O’Fallon Fire, the union basically fired the 2 chiefs and then brought in Vineyard without opening or posting the job in house or even regionally for that matter….If Elliott Davis was not tied into the fire union himself, maybe he could actually do something worthwhile and investigate 3 person Fire Boards and how the union is doing nothing more than starting problems at Monarch and gearing up for the next election where they will throw a 100k into the election and try and get their own person elected to the board. Monarch will never change until the county or the cities take over these “Special Interest” group Fire Boards. Elliot, please do something important with your life and investigate how to change 3 person Fire Boards once and for all…

    • T. Smart

      Monarch Fire Board did the exact same thing in re-hiring a former Monarch Chief that was fired for sexual harassment. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

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