Double fatal shooting in Florissant

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) - Florissant police are investigating a double homicide that happened Wednesday evening at a shopping center on New Halls Ferry Road and Parker Spur.

Just before 5:15pm, several people inside the Church’s Chicken on New Halls Ferry Road heard shots fired, and called 911.  When police arrived at the scene, they found two people shot to death in a white Pontiac G6.

The car wasn’t parked in a space; it just sat in the middle of the parking lot at the Plaza Madrid Shopping Center, between the Church’s Chicken and a vacant nightclub.

Police say the male victim was in his mid-20s, and the female victim was in her early 20s. So far, police have identified him, but not her, and are still working to notify next of kin.

According to police, there’s no indication that this is a murder suicide, and police did not recover any weapons at the scene.

Florissant Police Officer Andy Haarmann says, “It doesn’t appear that the windows were broken out, no, but they were both shot inside the vehicle, they were both in the vehicle when they were shot.  The investigation is ongoing at this time as we work to determine who the suspect is.”

The Phillips 66 gas station across the street was also roped off, as part of the crime scene.  Police are investigating whether an altercation that may have led to these deaths happened in that parking lot.

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  • Kathy Thorne

    A rant : why is the Missouri Government not giving hard working citizen back the tax return money, but are able to giving Circuit Breaker back to people who don’t even work. This infuriates me. I’ve been waiting since early April. What’s going on?

    • Renee Anderson

      The Circuit Breaker program was created to provide property tax relief to older homeowners and renters who meet income and other requirements. In 2012, more than 86,000 taxpayers claimed nearly $67 million in refunds, according to the state Department of Revenue. The average refund in 2012 was $774. Apparently you don’t qualify.

  • Kyna

    2People are dead that is the point right, it doesn’t matter if they are rats are not. Who are you to judge..

    • rose

      KYNA, yes, 2 people are dead, right now, but how many will be dead in 1 hour or two hours, tonight, in the morning, and so on. THAT is the POINT. The killing isn’t even real news anymore, people are growing numb to everyday tragedies.

      • Gina

        Murder in Florissant is a very rare occurance! It is not as bad here as the white flight folks want everyone to think! Very sad that 2 young people have lost their lives.

      • rose

        GINA- Yes it is sad, and it’s happening all over. No one is safe. Just because you live in a safe area, don’t let your guard down.

  • Glory

    The first mistake was Steven had some big balks to make a judgmental statement and downlow racist statement by saying those tolerate up north.

    • rose

      GLORY- Sweeney uses the word hood rats on a regular basis, they can be any color, he said north because that is where the majority of crimes take place, not all, but the majority. Do you even read the news or just stop in on occasion? There are many names one could use to describe these punks, (my choice of word) that are going around killing people, even innocent people that get in the way of their poor aim, even children. Do you approve of this ongoing senseless behavior?

  • Glory

    Mistake #2 he is worried about the increasing crime rate and comparing St.Louis or north st.Louis to CHICAGO.

  • Glory

    Crime happens EVERYWHERE including your Hoosier as neighborhood. There are bad people in good places.

  • Glory


    • 2 cents

      i hear yuh glory.. my block saved our ebt cards for weeks and we just hired goerge zimmerman

    • Jj

      No, you simply just move somewhere much safer, where the value of your home wont go down the toilet…

      • Shauree Atkinson

        not all people have the funds to just pack up and move to a “safe” neighborhood. what is a safe neighborhood anyway now days?

      • rose

        You put your mind to it, then do it. You do what you have to do. It took me five years to sell my house and get out of there. You have a longer commute to work, but, sometimes less is more.

      • Shauree Atkinson

        You are right Rose! Wow my mom would say the same thing! Hey thanx for that! I have some great kids and they really deserve to live in a better neighborhood.

      • Jj

        It doesn’t take a lot of money to live in the very best neighborhoods, you can rent in clayton, and your kids will go to the best public school in the state, one of the top public school districts in the entire country. Whatever you are spending now, you can do that in a top school district, Im not sure if a lot of people even consider the schools when they decide to live somewhere, that’s the first thing you have to consider, “don’t have the funds to pack up and move”?, no, you don’t have the will

      • Shauree Atkinson

        Hey, i cant argue with that! You are right! I guess i dont have the will, but when its put directly like that, it makes u want to find that will! Thank U!

  • Glory

    Rose thanking for choosing your words kindly in ur previous text u have chosen the right thing to Do. Remember when judge u too are being watched judged to on here acting like hoodrats.

    • rose

      GLORY-you are right about one thing, people need to take responsibility in THEIR OWN neighborhood, which means opening their mouths and giving information the best they can instead of keeping the silence. Yes, everyone is concerned about the increase in crime because if effects everyone.Yes, crime does happen everywhere, nobody is exempt, just seems to happen more in certain areas. Sweeney compared N. STL to Chicago beacause Chicago is out of control with homicides as is N.STL. Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

      • Mary

        First of all the majority of the problems is in “North City” and not North County..check the facts and you will learn this. Most of the time our officers in Florissant are responding to ticket’s and car breakin’s as with anywhere else. It’s normally so boring over here that you can always find officer’s patrolling and talking to the children. I know because I work with teens in this area and always get the scoop on what’s going on since I am a concerned resident that’s very proactive and not just judgmental as most are on this blog.

      • WideAwake

        I think there is some confusion… North St. Louis is NOT North County, where this took place. North St. Louis is in the CITY/downtown, and it is the place you see on the news all the time… Many people make this mistake over and over again. Very sad.

      • Chuck Beem

        We live about half a mile from there and I can tell you that Florissant is not really the hood. North County is not North City. We lived in St John/Vinita Park before moving to Florissant- that’s more North City-and it’s a pretty drastic difference. I actually liked living in North City for the most part. We lived in St Charles county in the past, and despite reputation we love being Florissant whereas we tolerated St Charles. Maybe I’m a hood rat and never knew? (BTW, the only person I know personally who was directly affected by murder was a boss I had in college. His wife was gunned down along with a friend by the friend’s estranged husband in- North City? Ferguson? Florissant? Kinloch? Nope- St Charles. )

        Regardless, two people are dead. At the very least this should be a sober reminder of our own mortality- you’d think people could muster up a little less condescension and little more empathy.

  • Me. Green

    It is so sad that it is 2014 and racist comments are being made indirectly. Steve, you have no right to make a comment like that! Watch what you say as life and death is in the tongue! Rose, you are so sad to agree with him! Two people are dead and you two want to assume where they are from and how they died, you two are truly sad, but I’m not surprised about the comments you all are making on here. Moreover, Steve, I will like to know what a hoodrat is?

    • rose

      ME. GREEN- Who are you to say I am a sad sort of person? I agreed with Sweeney about STL. and Chicago, I watch WGN news, i see what he is talking about. Racism? Did you read the article on Buchlew’s execution? White guy, and every comment was how worthless he is and deserves execution. The white woman that drugged and killed her baby, white, same negative comments.Where was Danny Glover when the white guys were up for and received execution? Oh yea, he was in STL for Reggie only, no one else. Your right, there is a lot of racism, and the ones yelling about it are the very guilty ones.

  • Ms. Green

    I am going to pray for all you evil people who judge people and make evil comments like these such as above! Think before you speak! I guess you all are just showing the hatred that is in your heart! I have seen so many negative comments that Steve and Rose have made over the past months towards the ethnicity of blacks, (African Americans), but never do they make comments when a Caucasian or any other race gets murdered etc. I must say, crime happens everywhere! It’s just predominantly shown in urban areas because that is how the media makes their money! They are the first to report it! Crime happens in South County, Arnold, Festus, Chesterfield, St. Charles, etc but you rarely hear about it.. You know why? Think about it………..

  • Ms. Green

    I can’t wait to see what the next thing Steve will have to say about an African American person, these type of comments I show my students as I want them to know how cruel people are and for them to stay watch for people such as Steve and Glory!

  • amela

    You people are being ridiculous, two people are dead. They are someone’s son and daughter. .What if they were yours? shame on you. my heart goes out rto the families

    • rose

      AMELA- I too feel sorrow for these families, and all the families before these, whom have lost loved ones to violence. Life means nothing to some people, some of the situations they put themselves in tells me that their own life means nothing. How do you cure this?

  • Concerned resident

    It’s just sad…sorry for the families of the victim’s
    The rest of the comments aren’t necessary given the situation
    Too many guns in the wrong hands

  • Mary

    My daughters close friend just got murdered today literally minutes from my home and even though it happens everyday in Saint Louis and the rest of our country, I’m not immune to caring about a child dying, no more than I am when I hear of a soldiers death because it was someones child. The young lady that was killed was a current student at Mclure North and not a hood rat but someone’s daughter.

    It’s funny that no one uses that term when some dies of a heroin overdose or a meth death when it happens in Saint Charles. I’m saddened by the death of this child because it was my baby’s friend and no, it’s everyday that things like this happens in Florissant at all so check your data for the Florissant area before assuming it’s a bad area.

    For those that don’t know Florissant is not the ghetto by any means and there are many fine, very diverse, educated, high income residents that call it home. I lived in Saint Charles and was raised in Creve Couer and I own a home that’s amazing to live in. In Florissant you will get a citation if your lawns not up to par, so violence surely isn’t routine or wanted in this neighborhood.

    There’s enough Donald Sterlings in this world and taking the chance to name call every chance you can, only shows a sign of a weak, ignorant and insecure person. This is 2014 and names and racist behavior only motivates people to strive harder and become property owners in neighborhoods where you live at or better.

    God Bless the family of the slain youth today and anyone that’s lost someone to violence.

    • Mary

      Typo Correction: no, it’s NOT everyday that things like this happens in Florissant at all so check your data for the Florissant area before assuming it’s a bad area.

  • WideAwake

    PLease be careful how you refer to the entire group of people who live in Florissant. I grew up and live here still. I’m a professional and my husband and I make well over 200k/year. My sister is an attorney, who also went through Ferg-Flor school district. There are many well-educated professionals who live here and grew up here. It’s a wonderful community. This incident is not the norm here at all. But unfortunately, people who have never lived here or maybe not even visited, make assumptions about an area without really getting the facts. The negativity you have inside will only hurt you… and collective negative energy like your comment can have affects on our world, as seen by this sad violent incident. And let me close by stating what everyone should be concerned about first and foremost, and that are these young people’s families…

    • Mary

      To JC, Kellie & Wideawake – Now I know why I love Florissant residents because the majority of us are a community that cares and sticks together! I have a Golf Course in my backyard so I know i’m not in the Ghetto :)

    • rose

      wideawake, I never said one negative word about Florissant- not one-never mentioned it. I was talking of senseless killing. I have 4 good friend that live in Florissant, Medical Professionals, good hard working people. Even they say most likely these idiots are from another area, What can you do when they drive to your area and commit these awful crimes? It ruins the communities reputation. You have good reason to defend your community, keep up the good work. I’m sorry you had to have the experience of these hoodlums bringing their violence to your area. The real bad news is that they are taking it everywhere.

    • Paige Oatis

      I live less than a 1/4 of a mile from where this happened and passed the crime scene on my way home from work last night. I have been in law enforcement-type work most of my career and knew someone had been killed as soon as I saw the tape, bystanders, and police cars. I have been living in Florissant 5 years and can’t remember anything this bad ever happening. The worst thing I have seen since I have been here was a kid who was hit by a car, in front of Cross Keys, a few years back; they had to have him airlifted to a hospital via helicopter. Over all, I think this area is pretty safe and diverse, and I like it.

  • Kellie Beck Blacker

    For your info…..North STL CITY and NORTH STL. COUNTY are two very diff. Places. Yes a ton crime happens in NORTH CITY and a lot less in NORTH COUNTY…… Know the diff. Before u speak!!!

  • JC

    Happy to see so many defending how the city of Florissant truly is. I grew up here, still live here, and dont plan on leaving. It is a large city, it has its problems from time to time but it is nowhere near as bad as people over the river and down in the valley think it is. The city is still ranked in the top five safest cities in the country, and having lived here all my life, being close to 40 I can count on only one hand the amount of times something like this has happened. We have a top ranked police force that you dont mess around with, and while some see diversity as a bad thing, it is an awesome thing here in Florissant. I’m sorry a great city like Florissant is just lumped together as just another north county “hood” by people who dont even live here, but I at least have peace of mind knowing they are wrong, and the same stuff that happened last night has happened in their areas too.

    • Mary

      We do have a awesome police department here in Florissant and like you said, you would have to know, in order to make a comment and if you knew then you would know it was not bad. Bad people have cars and then do stupid stuff in our neighborhoods and again Florissant is North County and not North City.

      There’s a sense of arrogance all over this blog and I’m glad I’m a resident in Florissant & love living here. Kids are dead and that’s good, no matter where you come from or where your headed.

  • Jj

    Could we please stop using the term “African Americans”….Youre an American, that’s it…..I never hear people being called “Canadian American”, or “Russian American”, or “Mexican American” or “Turkish American” or “Irish American”, youre an American, please stop…You live in the greatest country in the world, be proud, move to Africa and see how much you enjoy it, its awful

  • Mary

    Candlelight Visual is tonight!!!

    For slain student Derrah Lane and it will take place at 7:30 pm on the parking lot at New Madrid Shopping Strip in Florrisant off of Halls Ferry Road next to Churches Chicken where she was taken from us.

    If you have children, are friends/family or want this violence to stop and won’t stand for it in our community then please come and forward this post!!
    Please bring your love & support!!!
    She was 17 years old and not in her 20’s. She attended McClure North and was a junior.

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