Jefferson County mom charged with neglect in son’s death

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI)- A 26-year old Jefferson County woman is being held without bond on a felony charge tied to her young son’s death.  Lacey Kertz is accused of abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death.

Her son, 22 month old Carson Swyers died of a morphine overdose October 28, 2013.  Kertz called 911 after she found him unresponsive in their home in the 57-hundred  block of Brookstone Drive in House Springs.  He was rushed to St. Anthony’s Hospital and pronounced dead.

Last winter the Jefferson County Medical Examiner determined the boy died of morphine intoxication, but there were other drugs in his system as well.

Detectives with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department determined Kertz had morphine pills in her possession but did not have a prescription for the drug. “How the drugs got in the child is still being determined,” Lt. John Dolan said Wednesday.

Dolan said the Division of Family Services had investigated some child neglect complaints involving Kertz and her son when she lived in St. Francois County.  “Those complaints were never substantiated,” Dolan said.  The young mother and her son had lived in Jefferson County for about a month before his death.

Carson Swyers


  • Trav

    There was some details left out….. This “Mother” decided it was ok to breast feed this poor baby knowing she was on at least 4-5 different drugs. He tested positive for amphetamine, opiates, methamphetamine, hydromorphone and morphine! Then she gave him 2 melatonin pills to help him sleep and tylenol! Then she says he got into a bottle of Trazadone and MAY have ingested some.. she tried to get him to throw up, but he didn’t. THEN she says around 1:30 am she hears Carson wheezing and acting funny….Instead of taking him to the Hospital or calling 911 when he MAY have taken that Trazadone or calling 911 when clearly he was dying she says she held him until he fell “asleep”. Then she found him unresponsive the next morning then finally he was taken to the Hospital… WHY are they just NOW arresting this murderer?? Sad… so incredibly sad. RIP Carson

  • middleman

    People have been convicted of murder one for less heinous deaths that they have caused than this poor innocent baby.

  • Angela

    If DFS would have listened to family that said they reported her abuse and given him to a stable family member to raise he would be here. Laws need changed and it needs to be easier for family members not strangers to get these babies.

    • Bobbie

      I am very hurt to see this family fall apart. I have seen Carson a few times. He was soo adorable little boy. My daughters babysitted him. My other daughter and her boyfriend is his aunt and uncle. Lacey had a lot of issues growing up. Her children should of been in the care of someone else. A GOOD STRUCTURED HOME. Lacey grew up in the states care and foster home. I am just confused. If they took his brother out of the home. Why didnt Dfs take CARSON? I dont feel dfs had done thier job. A true investagation would be talking to people who knew what she was like.

    • Ann

      DFS in Jefferson County Should be investigated ! I believe Jefferson City is over them ! Even after this horrible mistake they made by leaving Carson in his mother’s care! DFS Continues this practice as of this moment! I know first hand! There is another mother that needs her baby taken away that lives in Jefferson County , she has had DFS called on her a few times and most recently by her own father , But what are they doing about it …. letting the mother have the baby back ! DFS in Jefferson County Does NOT care about the Children , that is who they are to Protect !

  • HMMM


  • sheila sargent

    Made me wanna cry when I read this! Makes me SICK to say this cuz no child deserves to die but with a ‘mother’ like that he’s better off where he is now. At least he won’t suffer any more! RIP little man!

  • john

    Really. Those that helped feed lacey addictions should stay out of it unless you want me to out you to the cops are the rest of the world. She has been with well over 150 guys so you all should get testex. I know her well (thank God I never got with her) . Crazy girl threw her dog out of window twice. She killed that baby by feeding him drugs to make him sleep. By the way Travis you are partly to blame to for helping her get the stuff. All of which I can prove. And those up off highway 110
    You will be outed real soon. Again all of which I Can prove. You all should burn in he’ll for your roll in this poor baby’s death. Worthless piece of trash low life dog turds

  • janeqcitizen

    This poor excuse for a human being CHOSE to poison her defenseless child. With conscious, malicious, disregard she “put” him to sleep. None of this “needs treatment” garbage at taxpayer expense. NO Plea Bargain-Carson never had a Plea Bargain-Carson never had a “mother” either.

  • Sophia

    My question is why isn’t she being charged with murder? Reckless homicide? Something more than abuse or neglect. A baby is dead.

  • Elizabeth perr

    Just because you where in foster care and dfs dose not mean your not a fit mother I heard some one say that. Drugs made her be the way she is.. I was in foster care with Lacey and she was pretty and a nice loving girl. Know I will say this I have 2 kids and wouldn’t change a thing. I was in the system for 14 years. Because of my parents. I’m not standing up for what she did by all means I just saw that someone said she had a hard life in foster care. I feel sorry for the child in dfs cus dfs is no fun or family.. No foster homes are a true family. I hope she thinks what she did to her handsome baby boy.

  • Connie

    What’s really sad is everyone is basing their opinions on the police report! Really? Wow! Like the police tell the truth! PLEASE!

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