McCaskill backs Missouri transportation sales tax

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Senator Claire McCaskill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill says she supports a Missouri ballot measure that would raise the state sales tax to pay for roads and other transportation projects.

The Missouri Democrat said she views the sales tax as a regressive measure that will hit poor people more than wealthy people. But McCaskill says she will vote for the measure anyway, because more money is needed for Missouri roads.

The proposed constitutional amendment will ask voters to impose a three-quarter-cent sales tax that would last for 10 years. It’s estimated to generate $534 million annually.

State transportation officials say the road budget will soon shrink considerably without a new revenue source.

The measure will appear on the November ballot, unless Gov. Jay ixon chooses to schedule it for an August election.



    Anything that she can do to help her pockets and push the Obama agenda since her and our governor are in his back pocket……

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Gee, that’s a funny (and pathetically naive) comment! MOST of the reps in the Missouraaaww Congress who voted FOR this sales tax are REPUBLICANS! Over 65 of them voted for it! Vs. only 33 Democrats (although that’s still FAR too many, but those are the “Republican Democrats” from the ruraaawwwl areas still well-connected to their wealthy property owner friends).

      So again what this has to do with Obama or Obamacare or Nixon – Nixon was AGAINST the income tax cut for the WEALTHY that made this sales tax necessary!

      So funds for roads will “dry up”? Yeah, I guess so, when you hand out a HUGE income tax cut to the wealthy.

      When will the sadly misled working-class sheep of the far-radical-right wake up and realize income tax cuts for the wealthy benefit NOBODY except the wealthy? When will that sink in?

      • Steven Sweeney

        Typical Democrat.Raising taxes on others when tax cheat Claire hasn’t paid her taxes in years.Just like Rangel, Geittner, Zuckerberg, Soros, Sharpton, etc. If Obozo would make his fellow Democrats pay the taxes they owed, us working stiffs wouldn’t have to pay more taxes.That’s not communism, so the dog eater in chief isn’t interested.

  • Bob

    Typical Democrat, more taxes will fix anything. I’m already giving half my pay for whatever tax or fee the politicians have thought up, maybe its time they spend wisely everything they already get.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I am certainly NOT a Republican (refuse to sink that low) but here’s Claire, doing what she does best: Trying to play BOTH sides of the aisle.

    Sure, that sales tax IS regressive, and is a tool used by Tea Party Republicans to further their agenda of cutting taxes for the rich while making the rest of us, including working folks and poor people, pay higher taxes to pay for it. So she says so! Sure sounds good in a sound bite “Yep, that Claire is really thinking about us poor people!”

    Alas, she’s still a full-of-it politician, wealthy herself, who just can’t help take a chance to lower HER taxes while making others less well off pay. Claire – you just blew it, honey. Just convinced more true Democrats how full of it you really are.

    We Missourians need to VOTE NO NO NO on this regressive tax. This tax is ONLY to pay for the income tax cut for the wealthy, make no mistake about it. The income tax cut for the rich will cost Missouri up to $500 MILLION per year. What a coincidence, this 3/4% sales tax (HIGHEST SALES TAX INCREASE IN MISSOURI HISTORY – ON REPUBLICAN WATCH) will raise about $500 MILLLION per year! Come on, folks, how obvious does it have to be? This sales tax is to pay for the 25% tax cut for the wealthy’s business income!

    Simply VOTE NO in November for the sales tax and we’ll be okay!

    Need money for roads? Tax big trucking companies and make the wealthy pay THEIR FAIR SHARE of income taxes, and we’d have PLENTY of money for the roads they profit from and use more.

  • Mascoutan

    McCaskill will vote for any tax increase, any time, for any thing. She’s never met a tax she wouldn’t vote for…

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Yep, and so did a MAJORITY of REPUBLICANS in the MO Congress – never met a SALES tax increase they didn’t like.

      Remember, it’s only INCOME taxes Republicans want to cut – and then just for their wealthy friends. Maybe someday, even you’ll understand that. It’s sure obvious enough.

      • Mascoutan

        Maybe someday you will understand that the “wealthy” you keep spouting about actually earn the majority of their money through investments and NOT income. People who WORK have income and pay income taxes, so cuts in income taxes help WORKING people. You must not have to pay income taxes or you’d know this. For everything else you post, you continue to solidify the definition of ignorance and prove that progressivism/liberalism is a mental disorder.

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