Supreme Court halts Missouri execution

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WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Supreme Court has put off the execution of a Missouri inmate with a rare medical condition who challenged the state's refusal to disclose the source of its lethal injection drug.

The justices on Wednesday said a lower federal court needs to take another look at the case of convicted killer Russell Bucklew.

Bucklew's attorneys said the combination of the secrecy surrounding the execution drug and Bucklew's medical condition affecting his blood vessels makes for an unacceptably high risk that he would experience extreme pain if injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital

Bucklew would have been the first inmate put to death since last month's botched execution in Oklahoma. Bucklew is on death row for killing a man during a 1996crime spree.


  • Marc

    This man wasn’t concerned about the pain he caused his victims or their families. Why is the state considering his pain at all? Do they not understand that death is pain no matter how it is delivered? In my opinion, go ahead with the execution and get him off Missouri’s tab. This is a stall tactic on his part simply because he is afraid to be dealt the same punishment he delivered to his victims. He lost any rights the moment he knowingly took someone’s life.

  • rose

    Bucklew, just like the last six, thought this day was never going to happen. It should, only at a later date, he may think is better than the last 6 in the past 6 months, but he is not.

  • StillDon'tCare

    Why should we care about his medical condition??? If he cant be put down with drugs, then use a bullet.
    Besides, he deserves a painful death.
    Again, why should we care about his comfort?

    • rose

      I don’t think anybody, on this comment page, does care how painful his death would be. BUT, we had better be careful what we wish for. If his execution should take over 10 lousy minutes, it could put a stop to them for a while. we need to hope for a new date and all goes fast and well, so they will continue on a monthly basis as in the recent past 6 months.

  • Lucy

    Never in a million years will I understand why people are fighting to keep this man alive. I can only think that their lives have never been touched by the evil and purely selfish acts that this man committed. He murdered a man, raped a woman, bludgeoned another and terrorized a family. It is beyond belief why anyone wouldn’t want this man to serve the punishment that he was given.

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