Man dead, woman injured after falling from building in downtown

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Police investigators are trying to figure out what caused two people to fall from a building in downtown St. Louis.

It happened in the 1,100  block of Washington around 6:45 a.m.  Police do not think a crime occurred. Neighbors awoke to cries for help.  Resident Christina Hill said, “I heard scream like screaming really, really loud, help, help and then I heard a loud boom."

When people looked out their windows they saw 24-year-old Erik Doyle near death with a traumatic head injury and his live-in girlfriend also on the sidewalk nearby who was badly injured.  Witness Latifah Mahasin said, “Her legs looked broke, kind of twisted and stuff.”

Police said the 24-year-old woman broke both legs and her hip. Police said the couple lived in the Vanguard building and went out onto the roof of a restaurant next door.  St. Louis Police Captain Kenneth Kegel said, “It’s not uncommon for residents to gain access to the roof of the building next door, they go through the windows on the third floor there.”

The woman told police Doyle was sitting on the ledge and when he got up he lost his balance and fell. Witnesses say she began screaming down to him.  Patrick Pickerill heard her, “Screaming out for help and why did you do that, how you could do that or why did you do that.”

The witness yelled for her to get off the ledge and moments later she fell.  Pickerill said, “There was a can of beer spilling near the man’s body when I came to the window, I mean it was still actively spilling.”

The woman told police she doesn’t remember how she fell. Unless she does remember more or a witness comes forward who saw it that part of this incident could remain a mystery.

Erik Doyle was a bartender at the Rehab Bar and Grill where the co-workers are stunned by the loss of such a good person.  Co-owner Jim Weckmann said, “He was just a great guy he had super energy super character that any stranger took too.”  Manager Angela Basta added, “He had a smile that lit up the room he just cared about everybody.”



  • Angie Rosenberg

    A man and a woman either jumped of fell from the third floor. Of? Maybe or? You’re a news station, don’t you think you should proof read?

  • karen

    Really, you obviously do not proof read anymore. Had you proof read that story you would have discovered the missing information, and the messed up sentence.

  • stueben P barskowitz

    What in the world do the last five comments have to do with this story? I shouldn’t be surprised actually…heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into a gun control debate! Take a Xanax people!

  • justin maher

    I will miss my cousin so much he was full of energy and everyone loved him I still can’t believe this happened.

  • Dana Roberts

    A young man’s life is lost and individuals are concerned with grammar and crime-rates. For humanity’s sake, please have your sensitivity chip restored. I am family and we do not want to read asinine comments that are irrelevant. For those that extended sympathy, thank you.

  • izzy

    This story is not based on facts. Can you just write whatever you feel like! I know both of these victims, and this horrible accident has ruined 2 lives. Lesson learned- never believe what you read in the newspaper!

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