Ameren Missouri customers to see slight cost hike

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Ameren Missouri customers will be paying a little more for electricity starting later this month.

The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an increase in the surcharge customers pay to account for Ameren’s fuel and power purchases.

The fuel adjustment clause will rise by 66 cents a month to a total of $3.63 for a residential customer using 1,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month. The change will take effect May 27.

That money could add up for Ameren Missouri, because the utiity serves about 1.2 million electric customers in the state.

Missouri law allows utilities to bill customers for changes in fuel costs without waiting for their next general rate case.


  • Gina

    Typical. Every 6 months there is a pay increase and always when customers need your service the most. I don’t know you people sleep at night!!

  • patti

    Well once again another hike. Some Chief needs a vacation, possibly a new boat, kids headed for college. When in need just HIKE! Unreal.


    Thats in addition to the 30% usage increase and the 15% added Fees and Tax increases over the past two years , THANKS PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION !!!! NOW THAT KEEPING THE PUBLICS BEST INTEREST IN MIND !!!


    Funny how the .66 cents is based on an average use of 1100 KWH ,,,,,typically my usage is 3x that !!! So stop trying to sugar coat the big salami .

  • Mascoutan

    Have any of you posting comments about Aemeren ever stop and think about WHY the fuel costs are going up and up and up? Try writing to the EPA and the White House and ask them to stop the war on coal and energy in general so that we can afford to live comfortably. If you don’t want to pay the higher costs, then don’t – try living like the Amish, with no electricity. If you have to have electricity, then fight to bring down the fuel costs. Ameren just supplies electricity, they don’t control the fuel costs.

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