Cursive writing may be a thing of the past

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BALLWIN MISSOURI ( KTVI )- Cursive handwriting may soon be a thing of the past.
In fact,  many states  do not require schools to teach cursive reading or writing  anymore.
Holy Infant School  in Ballwin Missouri is making sure  it's students understand that handwriting is  important.

Many say it's just a sign of the  times schools placing less emphasis  on cursive and handwriting in general.    At Holy Infant School it's a different story.   With a stroke of a pencil and pen , cursive  is still taught.  But teachers  worry with the national curriculum placing less emphasis on cursive handwriting  , In some school districts instead of learning the skill a half hour or so a day  students may get  15 minutes practice  three times a week in other schools.

Many schools are focusing more on keyboarding cursive writing could  be lost in the digital world.

"Technology has  entered into the picture. It's like you are competing with hand writing , said  Principal Sr. Rosario Delaney.

First grader  Jimmy Adolphson  and 7th grader  Mary Baldridge have been recognized on the national level  for their handwriting excellence and represent their grade level for the very best in handwriting .   The students  understand the benefits of this important skill.  " I like handwriting, because other people can read my thoughts" said Adolphson.

"My parents are kind of old fashion. They  are not big fans of  like the new technology.  Like Facebook or Twitter . So they think it's important   students still learn how to use cursive ," said Baldridge.

"In our world of  today with  technology , we teach is a little bit different because  it's very different  than the past , so when you are teaching all of these basic skills those skills are still necessary  skills for the better development and the future of the children," said Kathee Lenger, Educator .

Reachers say handwriting helps children develop in other areas, such as reading, writing, memory and critical thinking.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    They should teach kids to comment obama/msnbc propaganda on fox 2 website … Nevermind public schools do a good job of that.

  • rick

    Thank you, maybe the power won’t go out for those few days where electrical appliances, chargers etc… won’t work. but one day some younger people just might have to be able to tell time from a clock face and not just read 10:15 or whatever time

  • Clarence King

    “Holy Infant School in Ballwin Missouri is making sure it’s students understand that handwriting is important.”
    …I hope that these students learn some grammar while they practice which the correspondent did not – the proper word above is “its” not “it’s” which is a contraction of “it is.”

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