Jen McDaniel: Food grilling safety tips

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(STLMoms)-Memorial Day weekend is a popular weekend to get out the grill. Jen McDaniel with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics talks about safety when it comes to grilling meat.

Here are three tips you need to know to keep your meats both safe and flavorful:

Step 1: Before you grill
Keep it clean: A gunked up grill is one that contains the concentrated chemicals that will transfer to your meat.

Good things come in small packages: Cut meat into small pieces, bigger is not better when it comes to grilling.

Marinate: Marinating meat with some sort of acid like lemon juice/vinegar and spices for as little as 30 minutes has shown to reduce "bad" by as much as 90%.

Step 2: During grill process
Turn down the heat:
Flip often: Flipping your meat once every minute or so has been shown to reduce these bad chemicals forming by 70%.

Step 3: After the grilling is over
Don`t cry over charred meat, just trim of the charred bits and enjoy
Enjoy antioxidant fruits/vegetables with your meats.

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