Madigan reintroduces Illinois millionaire tax idea

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Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – A renewed effort to tax the state’s millionaires has advanced in the Illinois Legislature.

A House panel on Thursday approved the legislation by a 6-4 vote. Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan is the sponsor. The proposal would place a non-binding resolution on the November ballot asking voters if the Illinois Constitution should be amended to add a 3 percent surcharge to incomes of more than $1 million.

An earlier effort to amend the constitution failed last month when Madigan was unable to get enough backing in the Democrat-controlled House.

Madigan says the ballot initiative will help build support for the proposal in the Legislature next year.

Lawmakers also are considering a ballot resolution asking voters if they support a hike in the state’s minimum wage.


The bill is HB3816.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Alright, now we’re talkin’ progress!

    Put THIS one before the voters, and watch it pass!

    Of course, there will STILL be that 45% or so of the population of the lost sheep of the dying, proven failures of the extreme conservative far-right who believe OH SO HARD that handing out tax breaks to the wealthy is the way to get them to invest in jobs. THOSE people will vote against it, sure. Just like they’ll vote FOR the Missouri 3/4% sales tax increase, highest tax increase in state history, because MY GOSH you MUST give those wealthy business owners a HUGE income tax break – for jobs! Right? Really, are some people still dimwit enough to believe that blatant lie?

    But no matter – put THIS to the voters and it will pass.

    Just like that phony gun bill amendment in Missouri will pass – I mean, it’s just not American to vote AGAINST guns, right? (That’s how it will be presented in the ads – just wait and see!) Really, this amendment is really about empowering criminals and making our society even more dangerous and armed to the teeth, but no matter – it’s about FREEDOM, right? So go ahead, right-wing radicals – vote FOR the record sales tax increase and FOR the anti-gun-regulation amendment and shove Missouri even farther off the cliff of civilization.

    At least Illinois voters will have a real SAY.

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