Man charged in double fatal shooting in Florissant

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)– An argument lead to a double fatal shooting in Florissant Wednesday evening.

Police found 17-year-old Darrah Lane and 27-year-old Leon Davis seated in a car with one gunshot wound each in a parking lot of 13101 New Halls Ferry Road.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas OatesPolice say investigation revealed that 21-year-old Thomas Oates III got into a disagreement with Lane and Davis while seated in the back seat of Lane’s vehicle. The disagreement escalated and Oates pulled a gun and shot both victims.

Oates was arrested in Jennings without incident. At the police department Oates confessed to his involvement in the incident.

Oates was charged with Murder in the Second Degree (2 counts) and Armed Criminal Action (2 counts).

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Double fatal shooting in Florissant


  • Jimmie

    When are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson showing up to address this? Oh yeah, they only care if a white shoots a black, otherwise they couldn’t care less

  • rose

    He looks like he is real sorry. So sad what he has done to his two victims and both of their families, tragic, not counting to the entire community.. To bad he didn’t do the right thing and turn the gun on himself.

  • jermailsr

    these kids dont care about there life let alone someone elses life but thats what rap does have these kids thinking that stuff is cool but jail aint fun for no one

  • The white man

    Wow u fools are quick to blame the white man..u can really tell the lack of intelligence you all have…isn’t it about time you all man up and take responsibility for what foe what you all do to each other..

    • techsupreme

      Did I miss something? Where did anyone blame the white man? Who is THE white man? Certainly not you, you’re just a non-important white man with an Internet connection and too much free time.

  • lsl guy

    It is obvious that some of the posters on here are black. Do you have to type the way you speak it is so annoying

  • techsupreme

    God St. Louis is so racist!!! You guys really do sit behind your keyboards and troll these stories just so you can quietly spew your hate for black people. It’s so sad.

  • Elias

    No matter what the case was whether is was robbery or pure stupidity, the fact still stands that there are two young people dead that didn’t have to lose their lives. Its really sad.

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