Thieves caught stealing AC units from south city business

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Thieves were caught in the act in south St. Louis as they swiped several central air units.  But they didn't get far.

It happened in the 2100 block of South Vandeventer  at Axis Telesolutions.  Authorities say around 1:30 a.m. someone saw two men loading three A-C units into a truck and called 911.

Police arrived just as the thieves were leaving the scene. Officers used lights and sirens to pull over the truck, but they continued to drive onto Interstate 44.   The suspects did stop after a short distance and were arrested.

Police found four air conditioning units in the truck. They're not sure where the fourth came from but they believe it was also stolen.


  • Bill

    Why aren’t these AC thieves being prosecuted for blatantly ruining our environment by releasing ozone depleting freon into the atmosphere? You want to do an investigative story, investigate and report it as the environmental catastrophe that it is.

  • Irwin Fletcher

    These pieces of garbage should be held in prison until they can raise enough money to compensate the company that will have to spend hard earned money repairing the damage.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Thank you irwin.It’s not just the copper but the incredible expense of repairs that should make this a serious felony.Considering Ameren can’t turn you off at 90 degrees, these guys should be charged with some form of assault for stealing AC when heat index is over 90 degrees.It’s not just a nuisance but a health risk and should be taken into consideration when sentencing.

  • Super Cat

    Hill Rats from Jeff Co coming into the city to steal a/c units then hightailing it back to the hills with their loot.

    • Steven Sweeney

      It had to happen sometime.Still no comparison to the 2 separate hood rats in chesterfield stealing and assaulting guards, Hood rat beating and robbing old man in Town and Country and Hood rats stealing from daycare in Chesterfield.Harp on this one instance, but neglect ALL the others.Typical hood rat logic.

  • RAM

    Look at the video Nauman, some were behind cages that were torn apart to get to the a/c units. I guess you have to but a jail cell around the a/c units to keep then safe is what you are saying. Let the thieves pay to have the units replaces with brand new ones and have then put in cages to keep from being taken again. followed by placing the thieves behind metal cages too

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