Bill seeks to jump-start ‘fracking’ in Illinois

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Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

SPRINGFIELD, IL (AP) – An Illinois lawmaker has introduced a proposal to jump-start the practice of oil drilling known as “fracking” in Illinois.

State Rep. John Bradley is a Marion Democrat. His legislation introduced Friday would skip a rulemaking process but also place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in northern Illinois.

The method is commonly known as “fracking.” It was authorized through legislation last May and Gov. Pat Quinn signed it into law in June.

The state Department of Natural Resources has a November deadline to put rules in place governing the drilling process.

But gas industry representatives have complained of delays and fear potential drillers will leave the state. Environmental groups say rules will ensure effective implementation.

Bradley was not immediately available for comment.


The legislation is SB649


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  • jad

    WOW!!!! We are fighting like hell in California to ban fracking and you all are embracing it!?!?! How backward can you be? You know, we can live with bad air and bad food but once your water and your aquifier is polluted you might as well shut the town down cause, I don’t know if you it or not, but you can’t live without water. The chemicals are so bad that they fill the ground with they are trying to pass laws to never let you find out what they actually are. All for the holy buck and to make some rich dude richer who doesn’t give a shit for you “little people”. Only when things go bad will you start crying ignorance. IDIOTS!!!!!

    • Scooter

      Jad – do you live in California? If so, please stay there as we don’t need any of your liberal opinions here in Missouri/Illinois. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) are two of the oldest technologies and are being used in new and SAFER ways. With the continued use of fracking will bring the increase of jobs, economic stimulus and increased energy security. So get off your hippy and trendy environmental trip and pop back into the real world. Or better yet go find a Starbucks and play with your Ipad while cursing the world and all it’s modern technology!

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