Charges dropped against teen accused of sexually abusing toddler

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SULLIVAN, MO (KTVI) – A mother is outraged after a sodomy charge is dropped against a man accused of sexually abusing her daughter.

It was just over a year ago that a three year old girl told investigators she had been abused at a daycare center run by a family out of a home here in Sullivan Missouri. The girl complained she had been hurt after the 18-year old son of the daycare owner allegedly sodomized her with a screwdriver.

The next day that young man was arrested at school, taken into custody, charged with sodomy and released on bond.

Now, the victim`s mother has learned the prosecutor dropped the charge on Tuesday after the little girl was unable to positively identify her attacker in a deposition taken last month.

“It was over a year ago that this all went down and then they told us not to say anything to her because that would be putting words into her mouth so therefor they said six months, the counselor will forget everything which they told us they wanted her to do and now that she has done that they are going to let him walk.” said the Victim’s Mother Britani Hudson.

Shortly after the alleged abuse reports in the Sullivan Independent News indicated the accused admitted to the incident in an interview with police.

The Crawford County Prosecutor William Seay says that because the girl did not identify the accused in the deposition, legally, he had to drop the charge. He says, “I believe he did it but I can`t prove it. You can have all the confessions in the world but you have to have a witness.”



  • Deanna

    I can’t remember what I had for dinner 2 days ago. How is a 3 yr old supposed to remember a man from a year ago? I would so take this to the jails… “Hey, y’all who confessed! It doesn’t matter! Walk out the door right now!” Makes me sick. I hope they get some kind of justice for that little girl!!!

  • Kelly

    This guy WILL victimize another child. It’s just a matter of time. Now he will feel confident, because he has gotten away with it. I hope that people at least started boycotting their daycare center.

  • Repulsed

    Time for some vigilante justice, since our broken system has no qualms about letting people who harm innocent children. This is absolutely disgusting.

  • Steven Sweeney

    The lowlife admitted to it and the medical records should back it up.I would start a petition to impeach this prosecuting Attorney and keep media focus on this until it’s corrected.

  • Concerned citizen

    Kudos to this prosecutor for following the law, though it was not the easy or popular thing to do. There is a rule of law called “corpus delecti”, which is what he referred to (have to have a witness). Why is a confession not enough? Because confessions can be coerced. Because confessions can be false. So a confession on it’s own is never enough. Rather than blame this prosecutor and call him a child molester by proxy or some other ridiculous thing, he should be thanked for upholding the law, which is his job. There are plenty of prosecutors who disregard the law and make decisions not on the law but based on how it will affect their popularity. We are lucky to have at least one prosecutor who isn’t so motivated.

    • A Father

      “Kudos to the prosecutor”? We get it, you love the “Game of Law” but this is not a story about the skills of an attorney. It’s about the failure of a system to protect citizens, in this case, a small child, from being victimized by a confessed criminal. Instead of applauding the attorney, how do we correct the process so that would-be criminals don’t walk away to find more victims?

    • dave

      So if you abuse a child that is to young to bearly speak, then your saying it’s ok cause theirs no witness, I’m not sure who’s more demon possed you are the sodomizer

  • 1 who knows

    This is why so many children today end up dead cause our system has failed them big time.I don’t believe for 1 minute that a 3 yr. old child makes up a story like this.His sign statement should have been showing enough guilt.Both Franklin and Crawford County let’s guys like this go free to attack again!

  • KSmith

    Please take your case to Federal Court. This is prosecutor misconduct and the Federal Court can take cases for those reasons. Our case is now in federal court due to color of law misconduct. We had 4 children physically & emotionally abused by babysitter over 4 years and the no investigation was done and the prosecutor admitted wrongdoing. Take it to the Eastern District Court to the Crime Victim Specialists who can refer it to the appropriate U.S. Attorney. You got your child counseling like they told you to and then they knowingly knew she would forget.

    • KSmith

      I meant to say the prosecutor said he believes the suspect did the abuse in our case, but I don’t have enough evidence, not that he admitted wrongdoing. However, the prosecutor in our case told the police not to question the suspect after we waited 7 months for any interviews at the CAC( Child Advocacy Center). No medical records were ever requested in our case either. The prosecutor was demoted at St. Louis County Circuit Court by Bob McCulloch and no longer working there. Did DFS do any investigation? DFS was found to be in wrongdoing by the Office of the Child Advocate for doing no investigation of interviewing our children and not interviewing any collateral contacts like the pediatrician, psychologist, and forensic psychiatrist. The police department was found to have committed Pattern & Practice Violations for doing no investigation into the abuse of our 4 children. As a result, the perpetrator was only charge for one incident even though we had a total of 4 broken bones. life time PTSD requiring treatment still after 6 years past the last incident. We must do better in Missouri especially with children in-home daycare.

    • KSmith

      You can file a complaint against this prosecutor with the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel on the St. Louis Metropolitan Bar Association Website. There is a form under Public. That is what got the ball rolling for us against the proseuctor in our case. Another helpful thing to do is make a complaint at the OFfice of Public Safety website in Missouri under Crime Victims Services. Lidndsay Williams was extremely helpful in directing me to turn all the people in who failed our children including the police, judge, prosecutor, and DFS. Please refer a complaint to the Chief Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the prosecuting attorney. They will look at your complaint and follow up with any professional wrongdoing.

  • KSmith

    You have lifetime of the child to get this case prosecuted. Children will repress traumatic memories when physically & emotionally abused. My own daughter wasn’t able to say anything in the Forensic interviews at the time because it reminded her of being locked in the bathroom by the sitter. This case involving your young child should have been prosecuted right away. Why weren’t the depositions done sooner? Please call soon to have this case appealed.

  • Lily Harris

    This same county prosecuted my brother as an adult for a sexual crime he committed when he was a minor, all on his confession which was got without legal representation or a parent present. He was still a minor when questioned.

  • Cassi Mohesky

    Well lets see if it were drug charges and somebody confessed to selling them the story would be different. AND how many people have been put away for murder with JUST a confession and no witnesses…all this prosecutor did was set a precedence for child predators. If the charges had to be dropped “legally” then the law needs to be changed because how can we protect children? Since when is a confession not enough evidence to file charges? CONCERNED CITIZEN(Ironic Username) I have a question for you, were you allowed to have offspring? I mean do you have children? If not I can see why, if so, then what if it were your child? Would you still applaud the prosecutor? Unless of course you are related to the accused or the prosecutor or a friend of either, even then to applaud the fact that this little girls innocence was stolen from her and the person responsible is living life free to violate another person, is questionable.

  • Nancy

    We need to help deal with this by voting this prosecutor out at the next election. His comments are so dumb. We need prosecutors who are sensitive to children.

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