Child forced to relieve self in classroom during lockdown

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LAS VEGAS, NV (KVVU) — A second-grade teacher earlier this month made a judgment call that left a parent furious and her child embarrassed.

Parent Shay Jones said that on May 14, her daughter, who attends Ruth Fyfe Elementary School in Las Vegas, was forced to relieve herself inside the classroom into a wastebasket.

FOX 5 says that the school was on lockdown during the incident because of a report of a suspicious person in the area. During lockdowns, students are required to stay in their classrooms.

“You do not, I repeat, do not put a child on a nasty school trash can with a hard napkin, cover the corner with a partition, put on music so the other students can’t hear. You just don’t do that,” Jones said.

Jones said the incident has made her daughter a target for teasing.

“I contacted the school. I got nothing. Not even an apology,” Jones said.

The Clark County School District on Thursday issued a statement concerning the incident:

“Lockdown procedures in the district are utilized in emergency situations or when there is a perceived threat to safety. During a lockdown, staff and students are told not to leave their work or classrooms for safety reasons. The district will look into this situation to determine if additional staff training is needed to prepare for future situations.”

Jones said her daughter appears stressed since the incident and is worried her classmates will never forget about it.

The school district’s statement continued:

“Ruth Fyfe Elementary School is an outdoor school and there is no way for this student to access a restroom without exiting the safety of the locked-down building. A lockdown situation can last a few minutes or several hours, depending on the situation. When a lockdown is instituted, it is normal for teachers and staff to be unaware of how long the school or building will remain in lockdown status. In this situation, the teacher accommodated this student to avoid having the student urinate on his or herself, and create a possible health issue.”

By Olivia Fierro and Craig Huber


  • Stacey

    I would rather my child pee in a trashcan then get killed or peed on themselves. What would of happened if this was an shooter? At least my child would be alive.

  • S. Y. Tate

    Would the parent rather her child been let out of the safety of the locked room and the intruder to have kidnapped or killed her child? The teacher did the right thing under the circumstances.

  • Amanda Fisher

    it sounds to me like it was handled perfectly, I don’t understand why the parent is so mad. it’s not like she made her drop her pants right there in front of everybody to do it. she had a partition up so they couldn’t see and made noise at a level that made it where nobody could hear it. I would rather have the teacher do that then to risk safety by leaving the classroom if there is a person acting suspicious. sure the kids might make jokes about it for a while but something else will come along to make them forget about it.

  • Phantom-e

    Sounds like the parent just needed something to be outraged about. The girl was hidden from view, the teacher even played music so the kids couldn’t hear. This will pass. Heck, i was spanked with my own ruler, then had to spend the rest of the day sitting at my desk outside the classroom door in the 3rd grade.

  • kelly

    Some people will complain for whatever reason to get attention. Just talk to the child and she will be fine. Don’t make an issue ans she will be fine.

  • Jean Osiek

    The teacher did the right thing. I would rather have my child embarrassed then dead. So mom get off your high horse and be thankful your child is still alive.

  • Vicki Adams

    Lady, you need to find something other then this to be upset about. Take yourself up to the school and thank the teacher For having the common sense to protect her. If your daughter is so bother by the incident then you need to get her some counseling because there’s other underlying problems in her life.

    • Cathy Colcord

      Exactly! That teacher handled it exceptionally well in my opinion. Mama just wanted her fifteen minutes of fame. She looks like a fool. The teacher should get an award for her actions not angry comments from the ungrateful parent! And the way the media portrayed it is also ridiculous. “The child was forced to relieve self in classroom ” makes it sound like the evil teacher held her down and made her do it. The child will forget about it and probably wasn’t even all that upset by it. Mama just saw an opportunity. Wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t try to sue for emotional damages.

  • Jennifer Gregory

    Way to go teacher!! You did the right thing. This mom just wants something to b**ch about. If the mom is getting mad about this, what’s the kids home life like? Some over protected parents have stuff to hide. You saved a child’s life, so why’s the mom mad? Hummmm

  • Lainey Lou

    The parent would be upset if she was allowed to leave the room and worse yet, something happen to her. I think the school did the right thing


    You said it made your daughter embarrassed , an a target for teasing. Well tou just put it on the news an the whole world knows about it. I think you just embarrassed her even more good job mom.

  • Rey

    ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT CALL. This is not news worthy and why the media would make it is another reason why teachers and schools are not given the respect they deserve.

  • Tracy Coleman

    I can sympathize with both parties I wouldn’t want my daughter’s open womb over a filthy trash can for sanitary reasons, however as a parent i would’ve understood the severity of the situation and reluctantly been OK with it. At the end of the day my child is alive and Iives to be laughed at another day. That’s where our parenting skills come into play. We help our children to learn from embarrising situations such as these , with a simple phrase we’ve been hearing for years ” ALWAYS HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH” where you urinate at does not define you baby. She be OK with a mom like you who will speak up for her child no matter what the situation may be I have a feeling shell be alright and unlike the other comments on this situation I’m glad you brought some recognition to the matter because may be they over looked one thing “WHAT IF THE CHILD HAS TO GO DURRING THIS LOCKDOWN” even when I was in prison during a lockdown the inmates have a facility for just that ” to go”.

  • Julia Bowen

    Looks like she’s just wanting to sue the school and get some money. Mom needs to get a grip. She’s made more of the incident and caused more embarrassment for the child! Like the majority of comments, I agree, the teacher did the correct thing. Lockdowns are done to protect the students. Schools can’t afford to have private restrooms in each classroom. I would much rather my child pee into a trash can and be able to hug and hold them that night, rather than deal with another tragedy. The woman who made the comment “even when I was in prison during a lockdown the inmates have a facility for just that “to go”. A school is NOT prison. Inmates have that because they could be locked down for days, not hours. In a prison lock down, the inmates are not being protected from a potential armed intruder threat that could cost their lives either! They are on lockdown for security reasons OR for violating some rule of the prison. When lock down is over in prison, they are still “locked down” from the outside world.

  • Karen Hance

    Better to be a little embarrassed than dead. Don’t make a big deal of it and your child won’t either!

  • Savannah

    A) my children will be taught to be tough enough to not know embarrassment and B) I would rather they be embarrassed than dead. Idiot.

  • Rachel

    I’m sure this was very embarrassing for the child, but the did her best with the situation she was in. I would rather my child be alive if it were a dangerous situation, rather than let her go to the bathroom and potentially cause her to be harmed. It’s kinda a lose , lose situation.

  • sara

    Wow, yeah lets just send your kid out when there is a lockdown. no, no farther training needs to be done, the teacher did the right thing. there are certain things that parents need to shut up about. get over yourself and think about the situation for a minute. why would they even put this on the news… she’s a stupid parent that wants attention for the wrong reason. your child is safe and that’s all that should matter. the child is probably embarrased because the mother is blowing things way out of porportion and telling the child that she should be embarrased. AHHHH stupid people kill me!

  • Anna

    Sounds like the teacher went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure that the student was accommodated in a scary situation.

  • Paula

    She should not be upset with the school. She should however be upset with the other parents. If I found out my child was teasing her I would whip my kid and then explain to her what if it had been her in that situation. Would you want to go in hall with stranger danger, pee your pants or pee in that can.

  • Stephanie

    It seems like the teacher made the right choice and did the best that she could do given the circumstances. I could understand the parent asking that the children who are teasing her child be reprimanded according to school policy, but that’s about it.

  • Carla Hermann

    I applaud the teacher…child safety is extremely important. I would rather my child pee in the trash can than be injured or killed by an intruder. A lock down is a lock down.

  • Crystal

    That’s disgusting! My child would be pulled out of that school so fast they wouldn’t even have time to apologize! You don’t make a child pee in a trash can!

    • SKenow

      Crystal, what would be your other suggestions? Peeing in a trash can or potentially getting killed by an unknown suspicious person? Maybe the child should just pee herself? I guess the child could try and hold the urine a little longer in case the LOCKDOWN situation is over soon. That’s it, we should blame the child for having to pee in the first place!

    • Jude

      You are a complete idiot – you’re exactly the parent that would be suing the school if your child had been let out of the classroom during a total lockdown to use the bathroom and been hurt or killed. Do the world a favor and homeschool your kid so the rest of us don’t have to deal with your stupidity.

    • Cathy Colcord

      Obviously you have never had to use a port-a-potty or gone camping! Get a grip. It’s a trash can. I’m sure the child will be fine and much better than if she would’ve had to go on herself and sit in it the rest of the time. If that would’ve happened she’d be furious at the teacher too. The teacher deserves a thank you from the parent for caring enough to not only keep her child safe but also trying to make the best of a bad situation!

  • shaun

    looking for a reason to sue is all this is.. i think the teacher should be rewarded for thinking on her feet and making do with what reasonable options she had….. Common sense is the one trait that is missing in most peoples lives these days….

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