Groups ask state to block Ameren coal ash landfill

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JEFFERSON CITY,  MO (AP) – Environmental groups fighting a proposed coal ash landfill in Franklin County have delivered about 3,500 petitions to state officials seeking denial of a construction permit for the Ameren Missouri project.

Labadie residents and other project opponents say the landfill near an existing Ameren power plant in a Missouri River flood plain could contaminate the local drinking water supply. Ameren says the landfill will have a protective liner and extensive pollution monitoring equipment. The company says the landfill is needed as on-site coal ash storage ponds become full.

KWMU-FM reports that the petitioners want the state to deny the project’s construction permit, which is now under review by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


  • RAM

    Almost sounds like another taumsak incident just waiting to be built. And the Ameren customers are the ones who end up paying for the damages in the long run. I hope the group stops this from getting built.

  • Mo. Mom

    If the area is built correctly and monitored then we should let this go thru. Say we don’t allow this to be built and there for it causes power plants to shut down. All of you gripping now would hit the roof. You would have to go back to ice box refrg. oil lamps for lighting, no air conditioning, no electric to run the blowers for your heating systems. What about the doctor offices & hospitals it would effect. The Police & Fire Departments that would have a much slower response time because everything is computerized. Hmm seems to me you haven’t thought this thru.

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