Last day for Bridgeton Landfill settlement offer

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Bridgeton Landfill neighbors must accept or reject a settlement offer by Friday .  Then the $6.8 million dollar offer comes off the table.

Lawyers filed the class action suit and negotiated a settlement agreement.   People have had time to think about. Some have signed, others will accept it.

The settlement offers residents compensation for nuisance and inconvenience caused by odors from the landfill.  It was offered to people living in Spanish Village, a nearby mobile home park and the Carrolton Condominiums.   Residents say they were told it was fair money fast.   Some residents like Rebecca Tobar worry that they would sign away rights to future health related claims. They worry about the loss of their homes.

"It depends on how many people opt out so I have estimated and neighbors have estimated between 18,000 to 23,000 by the time you actually got money. That’s not enough to buy me a new home. That’s not enough to put a down payment." said Rebecca Tobar.

A spokesperson for the lawyers says approximately 300 people have accepted. The offer a hearing is set for August 1st to finalize the offer.

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  • vptheuglyduck

    Why Valley Park residents do not fight the smell and oder caused by St. Louis Composting Company? Why the city of Vally Park, Dooley, and Gunn ignore the issue?

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