St. Louis City stands out during National EMS Week

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ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI- May 18-24 is the 40th anniversary of National EMS Week! The St. Louis Fire Department has 12 medics units that service the needs of  St. Louis  citizens.

Last year the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services responded to thousands of  calls. Medic 10 stationed at Kennerly and Whittier in the City of St. Louis  is the busiest in the state and rank among the busiest in the country.

FOX 2 News /KPLR 11  had a chance  to ride along with Medic 10 for a  rare "inside look" at just how busy and intensely challenging the life of an Emergency Medical Responder can be.

The type of calls that they  responded to were unpredictable!

National EMS Week celebrates and honors the hundreds of thousands of EMS practitioners serving our communities across the nation.

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  • Dr Bill

    The EMS service provided by the fire department is excellent…..if you are lucky enough to get it. As noted there are 12 units in St Louis. Twice that many are needed. So, in thousands of cases no city EMS unit is available. When that occurs a fire truck is the first response. No paramedic but firemen are now being required to train as EMT! Then a private ambulance service is often times dispatched. So what you see here is not necessarily what you are getting.

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