Video shows raw sewage flowing into a Crystal City creek

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CRYSTAL CITY, MO (KTVI) - Many in Jefferson County are tired of a raw sewage flowing into their neighborhood and want the problem fixed permanently. This is the third time we've covered this story in less than a year. It's a smelly hazardous problem that residents want solved.

A leaky Crystal City sewer flows into a creek not far from a high school's softball field. No one at the school was available for comment. the city flushed out the line this morning but neighbors predict it will happen again.

City hall does know they have problem. A worker told me there may be a long term fix in the works. Meanwhile, residents will continue to complain about the stinky mess.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    This is what happens when you don’t pay higher taxes like the rest of us in Webster groves, typical Jeff co rural right wing tea party

    • Hmmm

      Actually it’s not so much Jefferson county’s problem as it is the city. The city mayor is a democrat, if that tells you anything.

    • Katydid

      You make a lot of assumptions based upon the fact that this story is from Jefferson county, don’t you? :-) You might want to do some logistical and even political research before making such broad statements. Your lack of knowledge of the situation and political standing of this community really shows your ignorance and only perpetuates the liberal mindset that anyone that doesn’t think, vote or spend their money exactly like YOU is not as smart.

    • Autumn

      This is what happens when school is dismissed for the summer. Typical teacher, too dumb to punctuate properly, spewing typical Webster Groves left-wing commie nonsense.

  • Doug T

    Sounds like the same issue that I have when it rains hard here in Alton. Raw sewage shoots out of our manhole and we can use our bathroom for days. The sanitation and storm sewers share the same line here

  • Michelle

    I think people that reside in Webster Groves are uptight, uneducated, know-it-all. (Oh I thought we were winging insults on people) We ALL pay taxes & those taxes are based on the city’s discretion at how much revenue they require to conduct repairs, upkeep government facilities, fix streets….

  • Grossed out

    The same thing is happening behind and along side Riverview Bends apartments. Manager allows them to directly dump raw sewage over the fence into the creek. Also crystal city

  • Barbara Anne

    Hi There, I live in Crystal City, MO. but I do not have to bother with the smell as I do not live real close to the smell.I will agree the workers in Crystal City, should get a permit fix on this for the people that live close to the smell.
    I do not think being a Democrat has any thing to do with this.
    Leave the politics out of this Please.Barbara Anne

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