Violent crash leaves one person dead

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A violent accident leave one person dead in north St. Louis.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. on Hall and Adelaide.   Police say a car hit a utility pole.  Police say Aaron Clark, 26, of 1000 block of Leffingwell died on the scene.

Another man in the car was taken to the hospital. He is listed in critical condition.

Authorities believe the driver was speeding and lost control of the car.


  • Bear

    My son lost a classmate on Hall a couple of years ago. I wish they wouldn’t be so reckless on that street. So sad and unnecessary.

    • angel874

      2 cents it is messed up when people speak ignorance when they have no clue of the situation. Aaron, the man who died is my son-in-laws brother, who is a pretty cool guy. His “friend” is his cousin who is in critical condition and we cannot be sure he is going to live. Aaron was not racing, he was rushing to another family member who fell down a long flight of stairs and was unable to move; luckily, the girl had her phone in her pocket. Aaron was going to sit with her kids, while she went in an ambulance to the hospital. Instead he died on the way; imagine how she feels too. So before you speak, think. People with the ignorance level you have should just go kill their self.

      • 2 cents

        sorry for your loss news 4 said 80+ mph almost 3x the speed limit! so now you know call an ambulance in case of an emergency!

      • Anonymous

        This entire situation has me to tears knowing that Aaron had died in such a tragic way, and yes I did know him. He was always the sweetest guy & just a downright awesome person to know. Adonis is my cousin & I just got the news from my grandma saying that he is 70% brain dead & will not make it. They plan to let him go later tonight. I thought I should pass this news on to whoever else knew Adonis, that way everyone knows what is going on.

  • angel874

    Bar…I am sorry you had to witness such a tragedy; however, I am thankful you were there. Had you not been there, Adonis may be dead as well. Thank you. This has been a rough day for me because Aaron was my favorite of all the brothers (besides my son-in-law), he has a baby on the way, and has came a long way in his young life. God Bless you for your actions in this situation.

    • BAR

      You’re welcome..
      Sorry for your loss.
      I stayed there until the ambulance and firefighters arrived. In which they had to pry the door open etc.
      But it hurt my heart to witness the death of Aaron. But I was praying that it wasn’t a baby in the car as well because I seen baby bottles and baby shoes on the ground along with everything that was under the hood of the car.
      But your family and Adonis are in my prayers.

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