Woman in a coma gives birth to healthy baby boy

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Doctors deliver a baby to a woman who went into a coma in march after a brain tumor caused her to have a seizure. The baby’s new father now finds himself in the difficult position of taking care of his son while hoping for his wife to wake up.

Brian Lande is a proud father, but he and his wife Melissa are facing challenges unlike most new parents. Melissa Carleton suffered a seizure following treatment for a benign brain tumor. She’s been in a coma since March, yet, brought her baby to full term. Doctors delivered west via C-section.

Melissa’s injury to her brain is in the area that controls wakefulness, so she still may be aware of what is happening. Before surgery she moved brian’s hand to her stomach, where the baby was kicking.

Now that West has arrived healthy Brian will be balancing a new baby, Melissa’s continued treatment, and eventually returning to work as a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy.

By: Katie Utehs

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