Find out what people are Googling in all 50 states

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Google search map photo from

Google search map photo from

(KTVI) – Revealing your Google search history can be amusing and even a little embarrassing. So, one website decieded to see what the most searched terms were in all 50 states. The real estate website Estately says they put hundreds of words through Google Trends to see the top search terms in each in each state.

Missouri’s most search terms are, “Family Circus (comic) and Nelly.” Their analysis:  “Missouri’s wifi must have gone out sometime in 2002.”

Illinois did not fare much better. The most searched terms in the Land of Lincoln are, “Burrito / Deep Dish Pizza / Dennis Rodman (idiot) / Golf Injury / Oasis (band) / Pizza / Racist Jokes / Thin Crust Pizza / “Workaholics” (TV show)”

Check for terms and analysis for the entire United States.


  • Josh

    You are assuming Fox news is legitimate. I’m assuming you’ve never actually listened to Fox news or you are one of the millions of drones who thinks anything that comes from the news must be true. Fox has, in recent years, become closer to a tabloid than a new station IMO. Maybe one day they will come back and stop trying to be an entertainment show and start focusing on facts and useful information.

  • Shawn

    Well, I know when I want reliable metadata about search engine queries, I get it from a real estate web site that needs advertising traffic and would never make crap up for the sake of publicity.

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