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What salary it takes to own a home in St. Louis

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(KTVI)-How much salary do you need to earn in order to afford the principal and interest payments on a median-priced home in St. Louis?, the nation's largest publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information, has released its quarterly update to “The Salary You Must Earn to Buy a Home in 27 Metros.” It includes data on insurance and taxes to give consumers an even better idea of how much salary they need.

They used the National Association of Realtors' first-quarter data for median home prices and's first-quarter average interest rate for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages, to determine the necessary salary.

In St. Louis, the salary is $31,275.49. Compare that to Cleveland at $29,788.67, and Atlanta at $34,183.44, Phoenix at $41,308.74. For a full list of the 27 cities, click here.

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  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Salary? I work for a salary, but too many of my worthless neighbors don’t need one.
    All you need in St. Louis is the right amount of kids, no daddies around, and a sense of entitlement based on your skin pigment. Then your house is FREE from the government. Tear it up, then move to a better one.
    My “salary” pays taxes to see that happen in my neighborhood.

  • Love Jokes

    Well “Shaniqua” it’s funny I haven’t seen this part of St. Louis that you speak of.

  • SemperMo

    Love Jokes, are you kidding me? You haven’t seen that part of St. Louis? She just described North City, North County and a few parts of South County.

  • SYL

    Begging your pardon…but Here in North County, our lawns are well kept, our children are graduating high school with honors and heading to top colleges…our mortgage is with a well known bank, no free ride here… As I look outside almost everyone has beautiful landscaping… I’m sorry, but you are sadly mistaken dear…

    • Cit Riverview

      There are always diamonds in the ruffs. The Tell syl, is the public school system and the area those people are speaking about are in North county (Riverview gardens school district and the now de-funk Normandy school district) Those who occupy the seats in those district are the one’s the people are talking about.You Sir/lady can always put lipstick on a pig and call it a star, but its still a PIG!

      • marigolds

        Um, actually, I immediately thought of a neighborhood in Normandy when Syl described their neighorhood. There are many neighborhoods like that in Normandy.

  • chejkalcfh

    let’s try that from a different angle. how about, just because you can own a home doe not mean you will keep it up!
    As long as you can afford one you really should, it’s a far better use of your money than rent of any kind.

    • chejkalcfh

      DV depending on where you drive it still IS. And some areas, perhaps most areas up here still can recover.
      Ferguson is one example of a community still good and getting greater.

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