Kids banned from playing outside?

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(STLMoms) – Imagine being banned from playing outside your home. That’s the reality facing some families in Portland, Oregon.

An apartment complex there is posting fliers is notified residents that kids living there are not allowed to play outside.

The flier state that “residents will not be permitted to play in gardens or landscape area except where specifically permitted.”

But families living there say there are no designated areas for kids to play. However, the complex does have designated areas for dogs.  The property manager says the new “no play” policy is for safety.


  • countenance

    Let me translate this into English:

    No blacks or Hispanics allowed. We want this apartment complex to be safe for SWPL hipster yuppie leftist white people.

    • rose

      Translate English in Portland, they are the ones with the majority that doesn’t understand it.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Liberals just love to take away people’s rights.Can’t blame race here though, since portland is a known Barrio for illegal immigrants.They just had a big scandal a couple of years ago involving illegals getting millions for rent in Portland.Liberals love illegals and Muslims, so this is just an infringement on rights like gun control or 20 oz soda bans.I am definitely not excusing this, just pointing out the fascist nature of the liberal mindset.

  • Lois denny

    Your probably more racist then any white person. By the way Portland is known as an illegal immigrant Mecca. Stop being racist. Ps. You can be any color an be a racist #realtalk

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