Budding archeologists make their first dig in St. Peters

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) – On Christa Cox's first day in archeology class, she hit pay dirt.

'It just looked like a regular rock in the dirt when you move it around in the screen it just stood out,' says Christa Cox.  'She said it was a projectile point.  Someone said it might have been used for rabbits.  She said it might have been used for a stick to make a spear.'

The experience is sticking with Cox, a freshman at St. Charles Community College.

She's taking part in her first archaeological excavation.

This field class on location in St. Peters offers a chance to dig in for those who've always dug history.

'The thing I've always said I wanted to be was an archeologist,' says Devin Howargh.  'So when I got to school I said, `You know what, why don't I do the thing I've said I always wanted to do?`'

But sitting in an air conditioned class and jonesing to become Dr. Indiana Jones isn't what archeology is all about.

'In real archeology there is significantly fewer Nazis and a lot more paperwork than in any of the movies,' says instructor Anne Griffith.  'So that's another good reality check.'

But thanks to some sweat equity, this group has found stone tools, lithic artifacts, and pottery from around 1300 AD.

Not to mention the occasional arrow head.

'People search their whole lives for things like this and you found one,' says Patrick Clark.

'Yeah,' says Cox.  'I like finding stuff.  I usually find four leaf clovers so I thought it was lucky.  Oh, lucky arrow head.'

See, you never know what you might find, when you're willing to do some digging around.