Club owner: Rapper “Luke” encouraged women to perform sex act on stage

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ST. LOUIS, MO (AP) –  A St. Louis County nightclub manager says a promotional appearance by former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell led to two women performing a sex act on each other for a chance to win $1,000.

KMOX radio reports that Campbell was hired by the Sound Bar club to judge a “short shorts” contest Friday but instead opted for a more salacious onstage alternative.

Some customers recorded video of the incident and later posted the footage on Facebook.

Club manager Robert Hughes said his employees interrupted the episode once they realized what was happening and have banned Campbell from the premises.

The Miami-based Campbell did not immediately respond Wednesday to an Associated Press interview request.

Information from: KMOX-AM,


  • STL sucks

    Campbell is a dirty “old” man… He must be hard up if he has to be at some jankly club in north co promoting a party.

  • memegunz

    It could not have taken place if it were not for the “ladies of the night” that performed. I am sure all of them have kids at home and are unmarried! #WhoresofMissouri

  • awilliams

    I feel the club owner is at fault and that place should be shut down. Those videos are over 5 minutes long and their are over 5 different videos. Those ladies that participated should be charged with something. But that club owner knew what was going on. I never saw no one stop Luke or interrupt him at all I saw was him being cheered on and it was a lot of sexual acts performs. That owner is trying to cover his self, Luke is known for that. Shame on the owner and those ladies…….

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