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Clerks prep for Illinois’ gay marriage rollout

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) _ Sabra Blumhorst and Chelsea Baker exchanged wedding vows near their southern Illinois home last November, when Illinois didn’t recognize same-sex marriages.

That all changes Sunday.

June 1 marks the day counties must begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses under legislation signed into law late last year.

Gay couples and advocates will be marking the date with blessing ceremonies and group weddings. Several county clerks’ offices will offer Sunday hours to issue licenses to those who don’t want to wait for Monday morning.

A February federal court ruling in Chicago declared Illinois’ original ban unconstitutional, clearing the way for some same-sex couples to marry. Sixteen counties since have been issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

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  • rose

    WOOP TEE DO- Now we need twice as many divorce lawyers, oh well, they got what they wanted, now they can enjoy the disadvantages as well as the advantages just like everybody else. Bet in the long haul the majority will go back to just living together. The main thing is that they got what they wanted.

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