Pit bulls get loose again, attack another dog

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)-Two pit bulls that have repeatedly gotten away from their owner’s unfenced yard and killed other pets in Granite City, have apparently done so again. Edith James had just let her 13 year old black toy poodle, Antoine, out into his fenced in yard Wednesday evening when the two larger dogs climbed the fence, attacked and killed him, James said.

“He died on the way to the vet,” she said, sobbing outside of her home near Wabash and Ferguson.

Madison County Animal Control was holding the two pit bulls Saturday. James said she saw the dogs there and positively identified them.

They were the same two dogs that jumped another neighborhood fence on Pine Street 10 days earlier, got into the home through a doggie door, and killed the owner’s three chihuahuas. .

“I can’t tell you how upset I was.  I was livid,” Kimberli Green said of the latest attack.

It was her aunt’s chihuahuas that were killed.

The pit bulls were staying a few blocks away on Waterman. The yard has no fence.

Authorities cited the owners for allowing the dogs to get loose after chihuahua’s were mauled. They’ve just cited the owners for letting the dogs get loose again.

Nearby resident, Monty Naler, said the same dogs have tried to climb his fence and attack his dogs repeatedly.  They did attack his neighbor’s Great Dane.  Its wounds were not serious.

“I don’t blame it on the dogs.  I blame it on the owners.  They should take care of their animals.  I take care of mine,” Naler said.

Green, a pit bull lover, agreed.

“It’s just up to human beings to be responsible pet owners and keep our dogs on leashes or in our own yards,” she said.

Authorities could seek to have the dogs declared dangerous.  They would have to be declared dangerous on three separate occasions before they could be declared vicious and then possibly end up being euthanized, authorities said. As it stands now, the dogs are cleared to go back home.

“This is getting totally out of hand and it’s not acceptable.  You’re putting children and adults at risk,” said Edith James daughter, Carla.

There have been no reports of attacks on people.

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    • Ronda W

      They have been loose a lot more than just two times. They have now killed an even dozen animals in our neighborhood. They have attacked many more. They should name the owners and their address and allow the neighbors the opportunity to voice our concerns to them directly.


    Can both the ignorant dog owners and the pitbulls be put down?1 I saw small children and a mail lady walking in that neighborhood that are at risk of being mauled by those vicious dogs!

  • Deb

    They are in Madison County Animal Control, NOT Granite City Animal Control. Please check your facts Andy Banker.

    • WTF2

      No kidding. Granite City Animal Control is far too incompetent to do something about this. Like most of the city jobs in Granite, it’s a bunch of dumb bubbas hired only because of cronyism.

  • Irene lobaido

    Get LEGALLY armed AMERICA. . These attacks are happening daily all over country. Locked and loaded..don’t be a dead victim…

  • jad

    WHY WHY WHY were the pit bulls let out of the shelter in the first place????!?!??! They should have been been kept in quarantine for at least 30 days and then have a judge (not some lowly bureaucrat) decide what should be done with a hearing and everything. The dogs came into the people house and killed the dogs if that wasn’t enough to put them down I don’t know what is. Would they have let the dogs go if it was a 1 or 2 year old that could have been there? don’t care what animal control department it went through someone there has a mega-screw loose. SHAME ON THEM!!!! I think I will even call on monday and give them a piece of my mind. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  • WTF2

    If this were my neighborhood I would be hunting pitbulls. I have small dogs myself and if this happened I would be executing every pitbull within miles.

    • rednuthatch

      So you would go around indiscriminately killing other people’s pets on the off chance that they MIGHT attack yours? Brilliant.

  • Groovy Chick

    When my mom was a baby sitting on a blanket outside with my older aunt a bull dog came up to her and tore her arm before she could be rescued. The police were called, but said no laws were broken. (It was in the 1920’s) After that the dog’s owner found his dog stoned to death by neighbors. No shots fired.

  • Leo Harris

    Why blame the dogs for something that idiots did. Put the people in jail that have allowed this to happen. Dogs are trained to be that way, they are not born vicious.

    • GoochNASTY

      the owners didn’t teach these creatures to maim and kill. it is ingrained in their DNA. they were built for killing and mauling and maiming. to say otherwise is incredibly ignorant.

    • Kris King

      Unfortunately, there are dog breeds for a reason. Pit bulls were created to fight and kill other dogs. All the love in the world will not change that fact, as 30 pit owners discovered to their horror when their beloved pits were mauling them to death. These dogs should have been euthanized after the first attack. Totally preventable tragedies. Aggression escalates, and these dogs will continue to kill unless the neighborhood ends the threat.

  • linda dog lover

    It could be a pit bull or German shepherd or any kind of dog that did this,, its the owners stupidity for not training and controlling their dog!! Other breeds of dogs do this too, u just hear about it more when it’s a pit bull..

  • metatronking

    lots of good comments on thus article.
    another thing that has been forgotten is the pet owners whose pets were killed have a right to file suit against the pet owners.
    once they are tied up in enough law suits they will get rid of the dogs on their own.

    • Ronda W

      Very true Metatronking, however, no one is releasing the names nor address of the owners. It’s hard to hold them accountable when you aren’t being told who “them” are. I live in this neighborhood, one of the biggest problems is you have Granite City proper addresses that require a call to the GCPD and you also have unincorporated Madison County which requires a call to Madison County. So, it’s the roll of the dice who you are to call when you see them loose. I’ve seen these dogs loose on multiple occasions, they tried coming through my living room window to get at my dogs. I’ll tell you what, the neighborhood is fed up.

      • chris

        Ronda, your neighbors and yourself need to have a meeting about these dogs. Surely someone will be able to “rid” everyone of the problem. If I lived close by I would do it for you. Good luck to you and your neighbors

      • lordbinder1

        Dog trying to get through my living room window would be shot within about 15 seconds.(Time it would take to get my shot gun.) set up a sting for the dogs. Put a smaller dog in a cage in the middle of your yard. and stand by with 4 or 5 simillarly armed neighbors who have also been victimized or who are just concened about thier children. If you think this will stop at small animals you are kidding your self.

  • CarolLee

    I’m confused. The article states, “Authorities could seek to have the dogs declared dangerous. They would have to be declared dangerous on three separate occasions before they could be declared vicious and then possibly end up being euthanized, authorities said. As it stands now, the dogs are cleared to go back home.” However, the article also describes fatal attacks on two different occasions, plus an attack on a Great Dane. How is this not three separate occasions?

  • CarolLee

    I had no idea some cities/counties had such lenient laws regarding dog bites. The state of Illinois is a strict liability state: http://dogbitelaw.com/statutory-strict-liability-state/illinois-dog-bite-law.html. Even in states that observe the “one-bite” rule, the owner is still held liable in the first occurrence if he/she is negligent of leash laws or other ordinances which lead to the incident. The state laws are very good laws, perhaps they should be reconsidered over the current laws. There is no excuse for allowing vicious dogs so many free passes. There is a big difference between a bite and and a kill. Dogs are perfectly capable of measuring their bites. These particular dogs are obviously not trying to protect their property or owner. They are flat out looking for fights and this behavior is inexcusable.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    They shouldn’t punish the pit bulls. Take the owners and put them in a kennel.

    Don’t put down those pit bulls, either. The world would be better off if we’d put down the owners, too.

    • GoochNASTY

      i hope you are kidding about letting the dogs live. they have a taste for blood and will not stop killing, as is blatantly evident. all pitbulls need to be eradicated from Earth before one more innocent child is ripped to shreds by one of these “sweet” dogs.

      • Chopper

        Maybe these certain pit bulls, not ALL pit bulls. By your logic, we should get rid of the whole human race, since humans have killed more people than dogs have.

      • carbonic

        Maybe we should put ourselves down while we’re at it considering these dogs have a very long way to go in order to match the killing instinct of humans. We are by far the biggest monster this planet has ever seen and we have the nerve to say we’re better than something or that we’re not at fault?

  • kyle Brown

    Why use that crappy “Hook Player” software? It never works. I’d like to watch the video, but can’t, to see whether or not these dogs are actually American Pit bull Terrier, my bet is that they are not. They almost never are.

    Probably some backyard bully mongrel, owned by some GC-trash tweaker. Euthanize the dogs and the owners.

  • Jon Anthony

    Something tells me the “intellectual demographics” of the so-0called owners are such that a mere “citation” isn’t going to solve the problem here. Jus speculatin

  • Staci

    FYI – The Illinois dog control statutes detail no such rule regarding three separate incidents for a vicious dog determination: West’s Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated. Chapter 510. Animals. Act 5. Animal Control Act. Act 72. 5/15. Vicious dog determination. § 15. (a) In order to have a dog deemed “vicious”, the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, or law enforcement officer must give notice of the infraction that is the basis of the investigation to the owner, conduct a thorough investigation, interview any witnesses, including the owner, gather any existing medical records, veterinary medical records or behavioral evidence, and make a detailed report recommending a finding that the dog is a vicious dog and give the report to the States Attorney’s Office and the owner. The Administrator, State’s Attorney, Director or any citizen of the county in which the dog exists may file a complaint in the circuit court in the name of the People of the State of Illinois to deem a dog to be a vicious dog. Testimony of a certified applied behaviorist, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, or another recognized expert may be relevant to the court’s determination of whether the dog’s behavior was justified. The petitioner must prove the dog is a vicious dog by clear and convincing evidence. The Administrator shall determine where the animal shall be confined during the pendency of the case.

    • Mugzee44

      Bureaucratic B.S. just poison or shoot the damned things and get it over with before a human gets killed!!!

  • GoochNASTY

    if there are any respectable human beings living in this neighborhood, these vicious killing animals need to be executed immediately to prevent children or others from being mauled to death!! KILL THESE CREATURES NOW!!! stone them to death, beat them to death, whatever is necessary to save the children!!

      • RAM

        Mugzee44 for MAYOR of G.C. I like the way you think. Sounds like it’s time to BBQ some burgers, OH and invite the dogs owners too. Black eyes peas, tasted alright to meeeeee. Earl

  • Meh.

    There woulnd’t have been a second time, I would have shot them in the head with a 12 gauge the first time.

  • Chopper

    WTF2, seriously? Executing every pit bull within miles? I’m glad you don’t live near me. My pit bull is 10 yrs old and has never gotten out and attacked anyone or anything. You are worse than the dogs if that’s what you’d really do.

  • BKMart

    Gee, why would anyone train their gentle pit bull babies to climb fences and attack other dogs. Some people, I swear…

  • JeffH

    “I don’t blame the dogs, I blame the owner…” Dumbest repeated statement when pitbulls are the subject of an attack. My dog has gotten out, plays with all the other dogs in the neighborhood and comes home…. I’m sorry but the first sign that a dog, or any pet, shows signs of unprovoked aggression, time for them to be put down. These dogs would’ve been shot on sight if entering my home or yard.

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