Ill. lawmakers OK adding animals to protected list

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ An environmental group says Illinois lawmakers have passed a “commonsense” plan to protect three more animal species slowly returning to the state.

The Senate voted unanimously on Friday to add black bears, grey wolves and mountain lions to the protected species list in the state. But the legislation warns that the animals could be killed if they threatened a landowners’ property or livestock.

Natural Resources Defense Council officials say the measure presents a smarter plan for dealing with these animals because residents can currently kill them with no questions asked.

Researchers at Southern Illinois University say about seven gray wolves; four mountain lions and two black bears have been spotted in the state since 2000.

The legislation goes to Gov. Pat Quinn.


  • Byebyetotherite

    It’s about time but will right wing hick rural tea party Missouri do the same thing, I think not. Did you know that in america the rich get richer and the poor get poorer :(

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Relocate the bears, wolves, and mountain lions to downtown Chicago. Then see how the folks like them “slowly returning” critters.

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