Jesus Christ Superstar tour canceled, scheduled at Scottrade Center July 1

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NEW YORK (AP) _ A new arena version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” starring punk legend John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child has abruptly cancelled its 54-city tour just days before its launch in New Orleans.

Producers quietly pulled the plug on the project Friday without explanation. Show publicist Fran Curtis did not return messages seeking a reason for the cancellation.

The tour was to start June 9 at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans and include stops in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.

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  • Byebyetotherite

    He is wealthy. Very wealthy. Doesn’t work, either. He doesn’t like Obama . He LIKES that income tax cut, though.

    Okay, working people – knowing the above should be all we need to know.

    we should be against. Simple as that.

  • sophiebowns

    It’s such a shame…..the UK members of the cast are now campaigning to take the tour to Glastonbury. Their Twitter page is @JCSglasto !

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