Gay marriage law takes effect in Illinois

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CHICAGO (AP) _ Gay and lesbian couples across Illinois can be legally wed as the state becomes the latest in the nation to allow same-sex marriage.

June 1 marks the first day all of Illinois’ 102 counties can issue the licenses to same-sex couples. It’s also the first day couples statewide who have civil unions can ask to convert those to a marriage.

Sunday’s celebration is anticlimactic for some, because 16 counties began issuing marriage licenses following a February federal court ruling.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the law in November. Equality Illinois, a gay-rights advocacy group, estimates about 1,300 same-sex licenses have been issued since then.

Bernard Cherkasov is the group’s CEO. He calls Sunday “a history-making day in Illinois.”


  • rose

    History? We have bright places in our history and dark clouds in some history, which one will this day be?

  • Byebyetotherite

    This is the best day, beside when president Obama was elected if I could afford to move out of north Webster groves to Illinois I would. Go gays keep the population down no more rich whiteys.

  • rose

    BYEBYE, “Keep the population down,” thank you, I new if there was a bright side to this you would point it out. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that. LOL

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