Lawyer says derisive comments traced Fox School District officials home

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Some derogatory comments posted on a website about critics of the Fox C-6 School District in Jefferson County are traced to the home of the school district Superintendent Diane Critchlow.

That’s according to the critic's attorney, who sued the district over the derisive comment made during the time they were critical of nepotism in the school district.

Tonight I talked to the critic's lawyer about the shocking discovery.

Michelle Tyler and two other Fox school district critics were hammered on a Topix website between January and May of last year.

They were critical of the school board decision to hire the daughter in law of then school board president Linda Nash to a high paid job in the district

A story covered by You Paid For It where we hammered Superintendent Critchlow and others to change the nepotism policy.

Which they eventually did.

The lawyer for critic Michelle Tyler and two others filed suit in February over the derogatory website comments made against them during the thick of the fight. The suit names John Doe as the defendant because they didn't know who was behind them.

Their lawyer Dan Herman says they've now found out where the comments came from.

The lawyer subpoenaed Topix which turned over the IP addresses.

A judge last month order AT&T and Charter to provide the names addresses and phone numbers connected to those IP addresses.

Dan Herman: Dan, what did you find from your inquiry as to who posted the comments. We found that the IP address responsible for the majority of the malicious posts was made by an IP address registered to the address of Jamie and Dianne Critchlow. Diane Critchlow is the Superintendent of the Fox School District and Jamie Critchlow is the Director of the Bridges program.

That's her husband.

Yes that's her husband.

Dan Herman: What were some of the worse comments to come out of that address that registered to the Critchlow home?

Dan Herman: Pedophilia, possession of child pornography, bestiality I can’t go into what exactly what was said about the bestiality allegations because they're simply unfit to print

Dan Herman: They're IP address was responsible for posting the majority of the statements.

What is your reaction to this?

Dan Herman: It's pretty shocking that somebody in such a position of responsibility who’s responsible for education the children of the very people they're saying these things about would engage in this kind of behavior.

The attorney says some of the comments were also traced to the home of a Fox School District Assistant Superintendant, and a retired Fox School District principal.

But he said the lions share came of the home of Superintendent Critchlow and her husband.

The attorney is going to amend the lawsuit to include the names of all those names that came up in their search.

I tried, but was not able to reach Superintendent Critchlow for her commen, and find out who actually made the website comments traced to her home.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    No surprise here. NEA will step up and defend any lowlife, like the maryland teacher who posted pics of her having relations with a dog.She still has a job.Public schools have been garbage since the 70’s.Carter federalized them, before we were always number one and haven’t been since.

  • Lauren

    I literally cannot believe that a Fox affiliate would publish this story without any sort of editing. They’re =/= their. Sentences need periods. Use commas for lists of three items. Some of the “worse” comments? Good lord.

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