Prayer vigil held to stop the violence in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Area religious leaders are hoping a week of prayer will help curb violence in St. Louis summer.  The week of prayers culminated with a service Sunday night inside Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.

Host pastor Rodney Francis said prayer alone will not stop violence.  He said, “Prayer changes people, and people change things.”

Candles were lit for each homicide victim this year in St. Louis City. The candles were then extinguished.  Faith leaders say in addition to destroying lives, violent crime can kill economic development.

“If people are afraid of St. Louis, they’re not going to invest in St. Louis,” said Rev. Rodrick Buton, New Northside Missionary Baptist Church.

He talked about how painful it is to conduct a funeral service for a murder victim.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Burton.  “It’s just reprehensible.”

Faith leaders hope anyone caught in a culture of violence can break free and find peace in a house of worship.

“We just need a unified approach with police, along with churches, along with businesses,” said Burton.

“We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t believe these things were possible,” said Francis.

“We need to call for more peaceful summer for people to act more humanely toward s each other, and think about their fellow human being. “

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  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Heaven helps them that help themselves.
    Prayer gonna work about as good as them voodoo dolls do. You want peace, it takes work. Lots of work and quit blaming somebody else. Too many preachers ain’t used to real working but they getting tax free lifestyle for their words, words, words …. Quit passin the collection plates and get out on the streets and do something.

  • Matt

    Seriously, want to end the violence? Then open your eyes and say enough is enough. Call the police when you see drugs being sold, give information, stand up for yourself and your community and help the police and the criminal justice system clean up the streets.

  • George W. Money

    If they can’t do a much, much better job of bringing up their kids then they should stop having them!

  • Walt morrow

    MLK started a great movement in the 70s by leading the Black community onto unified action which gained many improvements for the Black population. Now it is time for a new leader to come forward and unite the people to spread the word against Gang violence. It must begin in your neighborhood, in your block, in your apartment building, In your flat, In YOUR house with your family spreading the word against this brutal slaughter of your Youth. Vocal unity is the answer. This coupled with your prayers will work.

  • nightgrave

    You need more than prays to stop violence. I have never seen prayer e Dr help or fix anything. Prayers are just words. There is no power behind prayers

  • nightgrave

    Prayers are just words that Christians claim work and that their Chuck God hears. Hell if you do read the Holy Bible look at how violent the Christian God is. He is a mass murderer turns family against each other. Look at Cain and Able. My heart GOSE out to Cain. Prayers have as much power as rat shit dose in food none at all. And one person on here said to make St. Louis a gun free zone. How will that help? The crime would go up and that is ANTI American. This person must be a Muslim Obama supporter.

  • nightgrave

    Read your bible You will see how sick your God is. He is also mad that Satan opened our eyes to what God wanted to hide from us all. GOD IS the one one who tried to blind US and decisive us. It is all in the bible. And read in the bible how many God has killed. He is a mass murderer. How can you TRUST a God like that and trust him. GOD has alot of blood on his hands. It is because of God that Cain killed able. He wanted to make us his slaves.

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