Koster goes to court for more air monitoring at Bridgeton landfill

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is taking new steps in court over the controversial West Lake Landfill after his office said a weekend test detected elevated levels of benzene at the Bridgeton site.

In St. Louis County court, Koster is asking the landfill’s owner to do more when it comes to preventing chemicals from getting out into the air, to do more air sampling and to add more odor control measures at the facility.

A spokesman for the Bridgeton landfill says follow up tests, including tests performed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, couldn’t confirm the elevated benzene level.

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  • Vince

    Anyone else seeing a pattern here?! Approximately every week and a half to two weeks, something else “evolves” regarding this landfill situation. Republic’s corporate “spin machine” keeps mouthing about how everything is just fine, when, it becomes discovered that it really isn’t. Personally, I’m finding it flat amazing how very few are even “getting it” and that alone is what Republic is counting on. Those who do “get it” have to be finding the corporate “squirm and antics” becoming truly laughable. Do we really think that they “step out of the box” and look at what they “sound like”. It’s really such a “dog and pony show” that I’ve started a “scrap book” of the bait and switch and tangential public relations…it’s shocking to look back at what Republic has said and done in the past! It’s a story of spin and constant delay that keeps giving regularly and is becoming more and more unsustainable. It’s going to “get good” soon as options and time run out. Just wait another two weeks for the next twist folks!

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