Madison County looking to declare 2 pit bulls dangerous

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MADISON COUNTY, IL (KTVI) – Two Pit Bulls that have repeatedly gotten out of their yard in Granite City have attacked another pet, authorities said.

There have now been at least 5 smaller dogs attacked on 3 occasions in less than a month.

The first was May 10th.  The smaller dog survived.

8 days later the Pit Bulls got loose again, scaled a fence, got into a home through a doggie door, and attacked three Chihuahua’s living there. All three died.

The owners were cited for letting the Pit Bulls get loose.

It happened again 10 days later, authorities said.

The Pit Bulls scaled a fence nearly a mile from their home and attacked a toy poodle.

It died en route to a veterinarian.

The head of Madison County Animal Control is seeking to have the dogs declared “dangerous”.

The two Pit Bulls are now in the pound.

“They need to be put somewhere where they can`t get out and hurt somebody else`s animals or a child or something like that...I miss my little dog like crazy.  He was like my second skin,” said Edith James, the Toy Poodle’s owner.  His name was Antoine.  “[The Pit Bulls] should have been at home where they belonged.”

Residents have posted photos of the Pit Bulls Facebook.

Authorities have cited the owners twice for letting the dogs go loose but the owners are still free to pick them up at animal control and take them back home.

A “dangerous” declaration classifies the dogs as imminent threats of causing harm to people or their pets.

The owners would have to pay small fines and take action to keep them from coming into contact with the public, such as a fence at home, and a leash with a muzzle away from home.

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  • jad

    WOW!!! The animal control people in that town are soooo dumb I thought they would at least wait till someones grandma or 3 month old baby was killed. What has it been 5 or 6 days since this happened and they FINALLY made a decision. WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!! The whole department should be fired!!!! Is the person that runs that department a human or just some mindless bureaucrat?

  • SNS

    This brown pit bull has chased kids down the alley behind my house and tried to get at my dogs. My husband went to scare it off and it growled at him. I have had to pick my son up at his bus stop when I’ve seen this dog loose. Now that I know what this dog has done, the police will be called if I see it again. I am not against pit bulls…I have a pit lab mix, but she’s not aggressive unless you enter her yard. I take necessary precautions to prevent situations like this. Any responsible pet owner knows their dog and will take the necessary precautions to prevent these kinds of incidents. These dogs need to go!!!

    • christiancelt

      THe only non-gun or knife weapon you have to use is BEAR spray… the real kind and it’s about $50 a can…. sorry. So unless you can use a gun (and Illinois is an anti-gun state) you’d be limited to a knife and unless you’re strong and you buy a very good hunting knife… usually $100-$150… get the bear spray to protect yourself. Even with a break stick or bat you can be overcome by one of htese bred-to kill dogs.

  • Gillian A Murphy

    Make sure people know it was pit bulls, bet if it was a different breed it would just be this dog. And for them to blame both of them she said the brown one attacked her dog & the white one was there. So what he’s guilty by association. Ridiculous. Any dog can be aggressive, but because they’re pit bulls it’s worse. Sorry for the loss of your pets.. I have been bitten more by little dogs than larger dogs & have never been bitten by a pit bull. Hopefully their owner will properly keep them in their yard. No dog should be able to run loose, but there shouldn’t be such a push on the fact that they are pit bulls.

    • CarolLee

      Breed names are typically included in a news story when they are known. The report on the Great Dane that killed the Golden Retriever in Wentzville is just one example.

      • Candice prior

        That Great Dane never killed the golden retreiver. Unfortunately for that dogs family, the follow up story was not shared around nearly as much as the one accusing him of being a dog killer.

    • mike

      I agree, I have a yorkie & a pit bull and the yorkie has snapped at my nephew, growled and has been agressive towards him for trying to get on the bed. My pit on the other hand does not even jump on the kids

    • Jw

      They are being reported as pitbulls because duh they are pitbulls. Would you like the news station to warn people by posting dogs have been attacking dogs? How helpful.
      These dogs are obviously dog aggressive and can’t be trusted. If as someone commented they chase children they definitely aren’t worth the risk. They need to be put down because obviously the owners don’t care enough to take care of them. I’ve seen a child that was attacked by a large dog, it’s not with the risk to leave these dogs to possibly kill a child or another animal.

    • Jamie

      Stop arguing about the breed. Why are the owner(s) of these animals so irresponsible? The owner(s) should get more than a slap on the wrist and a fine and then maybe they will feel a little remorse and show some responsibility for keeping tabs on their animals. Just another example of irresponsible pet ownership. Whoever owns these animals should not be allowed to ever again have any pets and all pets in their home should be taken away,

  • Rebecca

    While I absolutely abhore anyone who says pits are born aggressive, some dogs (of all breeds) are just not good. Kinda like a sociopath, we dont wipe out an entire race of people because a few are bad. These two sadly need to be put down before anything worse happens. I know if it were my dog they got ahold of they’re owners would be picking up there bodies from my yard instead of the pound.

    • christiancelt

      They were BRED for over 300 years to attack without provocation or warning and to not yield until their target was dead or they were. Your ignorance is glaring. TRY learning to read, even when it goes against your preconceived ideas…. Truth sometimes is jarring. The continued pile of dead bodies as well as those in hospitals scarred and facing constant surgery to revise the effects of ripped muscle, lost eyes, lost limbs… and often all of those. from Pit bulls too often their own loved dogs.

      • erin

        The owners should be held responsible, they have let these dogs get out of a fenced in yard multiple times! I LOVE PITBULLS! Some, as with any dog, depending on how it is raised will go after any animal they see as prey! If they are taught ALL ANIMALS ARE PREY, they will attack! My princess Pitbull would rather wag her tail and just bark in her yard! These owners have given these dogs no choice in life. The owners should be put in jail!!!!!!!!!!!

      • erin

        are you serious? Pit Bulls aren’t born bad!!!!! Its ego status and money in illegal fighting that puts these dogs in harm! In Victorian times, (the late 1900’s) they were known as the Nanny Dog, because of their love for children, families, etc. I would not want one of those dogs purebred or mixed around ANYONE! NO DOG IS BORN BAD! It is more likely the owner !!!!!!!!

  • Laura McNaughton Grueninger

    It’s all about how they’re raised. Any mistreated dog can be mean. My pitt plays with my granddaughter and thinks she’s a lapdog. She was raised in a gentle manner. It also sounds like it’s mostly the brown one. Test them before deciding to destroy them.

  • Chris V.

    I’m not against any breed of dog, I’m against violent dogs. I believe these two have been taught to act this way. These two are actually hunting, they’ve killed several pets in the same area. They’ve been spotted multiple times in the same area. The attacks are always on small dogs or cats. Perhaps pet chipping should be mandatory just as shots & licenses are to better identify owners if the dogs in question are caught.

    • Lisa Confer

      Not true Sean. All pitties are not vicious. Owners are completely responsible and should be held accountable for each and every death. Cited twice already.

    • Dawn Marston

      Sean, if you really were a dog lover you would know that no dog breed is born viscous or all bad, there are many great stories about the Pit breed, this is a bad situation with bad owners that are not containing their pets, it is back hand comments like yours that give the bully breed a bad name. Spend some time in a shelter, I have, a real dog lover would be better informed, see for yourself what sweet loving dogs they can be.

  • RT

    I know these dogs and the owners. These dogs have never shown any aggression towards me, any animals or children brought near them. And if you watch the original report that shows the doggie door they supposedly went in, there is not way the brown pit bull could have gotten in there. He is too big. These are also not the only pit bulls that live in the neighborhood. These dogs come from a loving home, they think they are lap dogs and have only been playful with my dog when I brought him over there.

  • Lisa Confer

    So, owners were already cited twice for dogs running loose and may finally have to keep them safely contained and pay a small fine. WHAT?! RIDICULOUS!!!! Owners are totally responsible here and should be heavily fined. Can’t even imagine what everyone that had their beloved pet is going through. HORRIFIC!! Pets are always to be safely contained on owners property …. period. It’s the law! Also, the minute your pet steps off your property it is classified as stray. Laws state that off property animals are to be leashed and under the control of someone capable of handling them. Completely irresponsible here!!

  • Dawn

    They need to go after the owner. It is not the dogs fault that the owners are not being responsible.

  • Dawn Marston

    First of all everyone is assuming that the dogs are Pit Bulls by the look of them, no one knows for sure, they could be mixes of several different dog breeds, anyway the main problem here is the owner, are the dogs spayed or neutered, have they had any training, maybe the owner needs training and education about how to properly care for the dogs, if they can not control them then they need to be taken away and evaluated for aggression by a qualified trainer, I am sorry for the loss of the other dogs, sometimes larger dogs are very prey driven and will go after smaller dogs, the owners should be held accountable for what their dogs have done, if they had to pay then that might motivate them to care for the dogs or surrender them.I hate to hear people call for the killing of the dogs without giving them a chance, this is a people problem as much as a dog problem, if the owners were doing the right thing, this would not even be an issue

  • Sick of It

    The real issue here is the lack of laws to protect people and animals from these dogs, regardless of breed. I live in a rural community and have been dealing with a neighbors aggressive dogs for years now. I tried talking to the people, the cops/courts have been involved and it doesn’t help. After too many complaints to count, 6 official reports and a video of the dogs charging to attack I was confident the dogs would be taken away. I was wrong. Missouri changed the laws last year, nothing about the near attacks are illegal now. Unless one of the dogs actually gets me or is loose for 12 CONSECUTIVE hours the state sees no problem. Even the police want these dogs removed but their hands are tied. Until several weeks ago the I was the only one on my road that had experienced the dogs, then they went after my neighbors little girl, luckily her father was outside and had heard about the dogs, he saw the coming and scared them off with a shotgun. 10 minutes later the dogs came for me (I didn’t know they were out) I was 100ft from my house in the open with no place to go and no phone (plus 2 sprained ankles and a sprained knee). My neighbor came to my rescue. They trapped my other neighbors in their vehicle about an hour after that. It is now open dog season on my road, ALL of my neighbors are prepared to shoot on site (and we are all dog lovers). The only way to stop these things from happening is to change the laws so owners are held responsible. If these dogs get ahold of someone the owners should be charged with attempted manslaughter. Until then I must be prepared to protect myself and property at all costs. It is a horrible thing to have to do, but someone has to do it.

  • MO4

    My Yorkie was attacked by a pit bull in my front yard last week. (Same town as these dogs) A young lady was walking it on a leash while pushing a baby stroller and when it spotted by dog sitting on our front porch with my kids, it pulled the lady down and took off for my dog. By 9&11 year old sons beat it off our dog with tennis rackets. Our dogs neck was ripped open and required a drainage tube to be stitched into his neck. He is still in a lot of pain but on the mend. Aggressive breed dogs can make wonderful pets but people must put the time and effort into them…not just throw them in the backyard once they’re out of the cute puppy stage!

  • Danny

    These two particular dogs regardless of their breed have killed other animals on more than one occasion and should be put down and the owner should be liable for the death of the others people’s dogs, take them small claims court and sue them, that will teach them. Take them to court, garnish their wages and bank accounts. Make them accountable, I am so tired of people acting like they don’t have to be accountable for their actions. When you own an animal you are responsible if the animal attacks someone or their property.


    I read all these comments and name calling and opinions about “Pit Bulls”(a name given to about 16-17 varieties of mixed breed dogs that have the similar physical characteristics) and just confirms more so how stupid people can be. I feel horrible reading about the other dogs killed because of the owners negligence. Loosing a pet can be heart breaking. Dogs are like people, some are just bad and can be violent from the get go. Owning one of these dogs requiires responsibilit, socializing, and training(good training). How about the owners, what is their background? Chances are they the real blame for this behavior, particularly if they have these for status and ego. I have owned Dobermans, Rotties, and now a “Pittie”(actually an American Bull Terrier”)and it is as sweet and timid as it can be. Dobes and Rotts were great pets. Yes they can be territorial and guard their owners and propeties, but so can other small breeds. The larger the dog the more effort has to be put forth. They are bigger and stronger. The small dogs will bite faster than the large dogs in many cases, but their bite is not as tenacious. Every Vet I have been to will attest to the fact the little breeds will bite them faster than the so called Bully dogs. The “Pit Bull” is actually a Bull Dog variation. There are spedific Bull Terrier breed like the Staffenshire Bull Terrier or English Bull Terrier and the American Bull Terrier(Patton had this one). Yes they can be animal agressive just like any other breed. I also have a small mixed breed Terrier that is and just loves people. You need to know your dog and take steps to control its actions and behavior. When an irresponsible person lets their dogs run loose(law violation)then they should be made to pay for it, and make it large. With this case it is apparant this is an ongoing thing. Considering Illinois and some of the idiots in charge I can see what is going on. We have been given domain over the animals, they act unlike humans who are supposed to be able to rationalize and thinkl. There are a lot of these(so called humans) that should be euthanized and are still walking around free to kill and maim thanks to our corrupt and stupid politicians.

  • John

    Don’t worry about it. Someone will “pop” them and it will all be over. If the owners cared about them, they would of restrained them.

    • jamie

      You need to get a grip. Ignorant people such as yorself should be banned from Missouri. Eduacte yourself before running your mouth.

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