Missouri inmate seeks stay of execution

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Attorneys for condemned Missouri inmate John Winfield are asking a federal appeals court to halt his execution.

Winfield is scheduled to die June 18 for killing two women in St. Louis County in 1996. His attorneys on Monday asked the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to grant a stay, claiming that Missouri’s lethal injection process violates his constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment.

It would be Missouri’s first execution since another convicted killer, Russell Bucklew, was spared on May 21, when the U.S. Supreme Court sent his case back to the appeals court.

Lethal injection has come under increased scrutiny since a botched execution in April in Oklahoma. Winfield’s attorneys also cite concerns about Missouri’s secretive method of obtaining execution drugs from an unknown compounding pharmacy.


  • rose

    Why can’t they use the Gas Chamber in the old MSP (The Walls) in Jefferson City? I believe it served it’s purpose and got the job done. Give him a choice, Lethal Injection or Gas Chamber, which is more than his victims got.

  • Groovy Chick

    Just come up behind them and blow their heads off with a shot gun. They won’t feel a thing. Much cheaper for the taxpayers. Only down side would be the mess to clean up. Probably outside would be better.

  • dbhbk1

    What about the constitutional rights of the two women that he killed. If they have a problem with the lethal injection process, A bullet to the between the eyes would take care of this. Another question is; Why should the Tax Payer keep paying for these appeals that these Money Hungry Lawyers keep filing for these guys?

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