Selfies may solve multiple car break-ins

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - Victims from a string of car break-ins during the early morning hours of May 29th in St. Charles are speaking out.   That`s when Rick Warnack woke up and discovered someone broken in to his truck.

It all happened near Zumbehl and Abby in St. Charles. Thieves took an old cell phone, GPS and a small amount of cash.

"I really didn`t care too much about it at first it was old stuff. Then I found out multiple cars had been broken into," said Warnack.

Hours later Warnack`s story took an interesting turn. He started to get email messages from his old phone. He checked them and discovered the people who had the phone took at least 5 selfies and posted them online.

"I started looking at the pictures and realized they were holding my phone taking sefie`s. My old phone is set up to send all of my pictures to Google cloud,"  said Warnack.

A white Toyota Tacoma owned by neighbor Walter Krahl was also stolen the same night. Krahl says the truck was recovered 24 -hours later after a Missouri Highway Patrol officer pulled over three teenagers near Jungermann Road for missing tags.

"They stole everything out of it, floor mats, cigarette lighter, 12 -volt caps. People should work hard for their own belongings. I plan to press charges and I hope to see them prosecuted,"said Krahl.

FOX 2 called the St. Charles County Sheriff`s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol for more details and a response on the case. In the meantime, neighbors say they`re thankful for what today`s technology has to offer.

"If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, all of your pictures are safe and if someone steals it and is dumb enough to take a selfie, you`ll have those pictures too," Warnack said.

Victims also plan to update their security systems as soon as possible.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    Just more hood rats playing “gangsta”. Crimes like these are predominately done by the same group of people.Stating that fact isn’t racist, excusing it is.

  • Mark Foster

    “If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, all of your pictures are safe.”

    That is just plain bad advice. Most phones do not upload the pictures automatically to cloud storage.

  • Groovy Chick

    Poverty is no excuse for crime. Lots of poor people have morals, scruples, the knowledge of right from wrong, or any other way you want to say it. Lots of those people who commit crimes and give poverty as their excuse dress better and have better and more stuff than many other poor people who just do the best they can and are still honest.

  • D

    Well maybe if African Americans had a fair chance at obtaining employment fairly, Affirmiative action wouldn’t have had to be implemented just to protect minorities and leveling the playing field. And well since crime has a color I believe the school shootings, theatre shootings, tree jumpers, child pornography belongs to another group SWEENEY,THEREALBYEBYE

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