St. Louis City details $268.5 million in projects from a 3/4 cent sales tax increase

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis city leaders are laying out details on what projects they would fund with funds from a proposed 3/4 cent increase in the state sales tax.

The state sales tax hike passed out of both the House and the Senate during the session and Governor Nixon has decided to place it on the August ballot. If approved, the tax increase is projected to generate about $534 million annually statewide for the next ten years.

St. Louis city officials have submitted to MoDOT 43 transportation related projects at a total cost of $268.5 million. Generally speaking, that`s how much money the city thinks it would get from an increased sales tax. If approved, the sales tax in the city would increase from 8.679% to 9.429%.

Mayor Francis Slay admits that is high and calls the proposed tax hike 'regressive.' But, he believes the potential benefits for the city outweigh the problems. Slay says he supports the tax increase. He says the city`s proposal focuses on what he terms a 'total transportation plan' to go beyond just projects that relate to roads and bridges.

Slay says the city`s plan is trying to go beyond just cars. In fact, the largest single priority category is projects that focus on pedestrians. The cost for those pedestrian-related projects is $111.15 million dollars- 41.1% of the city`s total plan for the potential funds. The second largest category is transit with nearly $67 million. That includes things like the St. Louis streetcar project (different from proposed loop trolley), more metro bus rapid transit lines, as well as significant improvements to major bicycle and pedestrian areas that would make those areas gateways to the Delmar and Forest park-DeBaliviere Metrolink stations.

City officials say the investment in roads and bridges is only 25% of the city`s total proposed allotment of new funds. State transportation officials plan to release an overall list of projects statewide that could be funded with the new tax dollars by June 13th. Many say a significant chunk of the money would go toward rehabbing I-70 across the state.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will vote on a final project list on June 26th. The election is August 6th.


    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Have you EVER done anything for yourself, ya little phony creep? Quit using my name and my reputation to post your uneducated hick babbling. Do you still take all your orders from Mommy? Won’t she let you get yer own screen name? Or is it just that you have nothing educated and relevant to say, other than yer brainwashed right-wing Tea Party babbling?

      As usual, this post makes no sense whatsoever. This sales tax rips off the working class and the poor, but ah I’m sure you’re neither one of those – probably sitting home on your can living off your family estate like most right-wing extremist losers. Go get a life – YER OWN loser.

      The REAL “ByeBye”

  • Bill Spencer

    It would make more sense to get rid of a lot of the non tax paying welfare citizens that make up a greater percentage of the population of the City of St. Louis and encourage more tax paying citizens to move here. Too many people not paying their fair share. I’m tired of paying more taxes to pay for the ever increasing number of people “using the system”.

    • TheREALByeByeToTheRite

      By people “not paying their fair share” “using the system”, I assume you’re talking about Rex DollarSignQuest? Man, you are SO correct about him – what a WELFARE CHEAT he is!! Thinks we should ALL pay higher sales taxes so he can get a tax break – what a freeloader!

  • Joe

    Great idea Bill. Now how do you sell that to the almost 200,000 people that have left since the 80’s that would rather triple their taxes living in the burbs? Many of the same people that get their annual bill for the “free”zoo that everyone claims exist.

  • Ed Golterman

    The state sales tax hike did not pass out of the Missouri House and Senate. The House and Senate approved placing it before the voters, and if the governor agrees, it goes before the voters. Be very clear. The St. Louis ‘trolley project’ is to spend tens of millions to dig up either Olive or Washington, again, lay track and take people from downtown to the box offices of the Fox and Powell Hall. It is Schoemehl’s trolley, like Edwards’ trolley.

  • TheREALByeByeToTheRite

    So this is TWO Democrats jumping on board this unfair and regressive sales tax, put in place by Republicans to PAY FOR THEIR HUGE TAX BREAK FOR THE WEALTHY.

    So, Mayor Slay thinks this money could do a LOT, eh? Well, that same amount of money, given away to the Cardinals and the Rams as welfare for the rich, COULD have done the same thing, but lo and behold you handed it over to the rich man with their hand out for a handout.

    And I LOVE those hypocrite right-wingers, all FOR this tax, because of all the JOBS it will create! Isn’t that strange again – jobs created by HIGHER INCOME TAXES ON THE WEALTHY do not justicy those higher taxes, according to the enlightened brains of the far radical right, yet those same jobs created by HIGHER SALES TAXES are suddenly a WONDERFUL thing!

    With this ballot issue the Republicans successfully managed to re-distribute income, from the poor to the rich, by cutting income taxes a LOT for the wealthy, while handing us working class folks PEANUTS in a .5% reduction in our rate, while wanting us to pay .75% more in sales taxes, the HIGHEST SALES TAX INCREASE IN MISSOURI HISTORY.

    Well, at least they gave us a say! So now it’s up to the mindless masses – will more than 50% of people in this state vote AGAINST THEMSELVES and vote themselves a huge sales tax increase? With so many rural Tea Party voters voting with their guns and their bibles, it certainly won’t surprise me. Then they’ll go complain about high taxes the week after like the dumbos they are, then blame poor people on welfare for it. Very bright people. Not.

    The SMART thing to do is VOTE NO NO NO NO NO on ANY ballot issue on the ballot this fall (NO to higher sales taxes, NO to the phony gun law, NO to the phony animal abuse farm law, NO NO NO)

    If the state needs more money for roads, go ask Rex DollarSignQuest for it – he can pay for it out of his huge income tax cut he’ll be getting.

    Did I mention to VOTE NO??? VOTE NO! VOTE NO! VOTE NO! VOTE NO!

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