Student kicked out of college, claims it was because he is gay

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Rocklin, CA (KTXL) – A Sacramento student claims he was kicked out of a Christian College in Rocklin two months before earning his Bachelor’s degree, because he is gay.

“What makes me the most angry is before any investigations were done, allegations were made by administrators, at William Jessup University,” said Anthony Villarreal.

Villarreal was attending William Jessup University on a partial athletic scholarship for cross country running. He says his enrollment status was initially questioned after he got into a fight with his boyfriend inside their own home on July 9, 2013.

“I was booked under domestic abuse and resisting arrest, of which the charges have been dropped by the DA,” said Villarreal.

Villarreal, and his boyfriend, Chris Wright, told FOX40 the fight never became physical, despite the details of the police report. Villarreal says when police arrived, they made Wright take off his shirt so they could look for signs of physical abuse.

“They found one scratch on his elbow, and they said, that’s enough to arrest him,” said Villarreal.

“I just think my skin’s really white, so it gets red very easily,” said Wright.

Villarreal said because of his status as a student athlete, he was required to speak to school administrators regarding the details of his arrest.

“That’s when I felt I was forced to tell them he’s my boyfriend. They said okay, well you know you’re breaking the student handbook contract by living with your boyfriend?” said Villarreal.

William Jessup University’s student handbook reads: “Students who engage in unmarried heterosexual cohabitation or any homosexual/bisexual activity will be subject to judicial action.”

Villarreal said he was interested in attending the Christian college because he liked the campus. He claims he did not know the student handbook said anything about cohabitation or homosexuality.

“Had I been aware that any of this was enforced I would not have attended this university,” said Villarreal.

Villarreal said weeks later, he was handed a letter saying he was dismissed from the university. He says the letter claimed he violated campus policies, and a contract he signed, that stated he could not engage in violent behavior.

FOX40 reached out to William Jessup University for a comment. They responded with the following written statement, from Chief Development Officer, Eric Hogue.

“While the University police prohibits us from discussing private student matters, we do not discriminate against students based on their sexual orientation. However, student participation in William Jessup University is a voluntary association governed by a biblically-based code of enforcement, for every student enrolled at the University.”

“I just feel that within a private setting no matter if police or fire are called how does a university have a say in that?” said Wright.

Villarreal said he would like to be compensated for tuition for the 8 classes he could not attend to complete his Bachelor’s degree. He would also like the university’s student handbook changed.

By Nicole Comstock


  • rose

    He chose not to read the hand book when it was given to him, as all students. The rules are the rules for everyone, evidently, this college doesn’t make special rules for gays, as should be. They are no better than anyone else. They want equal rights and this is part of it, equal rules for everyone.

    • Ron

      So if the handbook prohibitted students from, say, taking walks in the park or playing any sport (not just baseball) you’d be okay with the expulsion. Or suppose he had told a couple lies (who hasn’t) that caused no significant harm — out he goes, I guess. Rule worship is nothing more than a childish refusal to act moral, by, for instance, recognizing that some rules are immoral, even if facially non-discriminatory. I also suspect that the college is lying about why it actually kicked the student out.

      • rose

        RON, No, I don’t believe in “rule worship,” just push your luck and don’t get caught breaking petty rules. He had a little bad luck and help getting caught, if it wasn’t a physical argument, it must have been a very loud argument, either way, it drew a lot of attention to him, especially with police are called to respond. Had that not have happened, he could have slid right on through. Remember, what can, will be, used against you, no matter what your sexual preference is.

  • Fran

    I believe that people have a right to live the way they chose to live. But that goes for both sides….Villarreal has a right to live in his truth and the school has a right to live in theirs. If you don’t like the guidelines set by a University or College, it’s simple…..don’t go there.

  • Kristofferson Jerry

    “I just think my skin’s really white, so it gets red very easily,” said Wright. LOL because only WHITE skin gets red easily…anyway, It’s what the handbook says. If you don’t like it, don’t attend the school.

  • Shelley Compton Swenson

    Whether he read the student handbook or not is irrelevant. Willful ignorance of ‘the law’ is not an excuse from ‘the law’, in this case, the rules and guidelines set up by the college. The privilege to attend that college comes with adherence to those rules. I went to a private college and before I was allowed to attend there, I had to sign a contract stipulating that I had read the handbook and will follow the rules therein. The same goes for my children who are/were in private school. I’m sure he had to do the same.

  • Cynthia Martin

    I went to a Christian college and we had the same rules. You could not shack up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If the straight students aren’t allowed then neither are the gay ones. You want equality or what?

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