Belleville woman accused of faking cancer to scam $7,000 in donations

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A woman that the Belleville community rallied around, during what she claimed was her battle with cancer, is not sick at all.  In fact, it appears she was clinging on to another cancer patient's massive support system, in an effort to make a buck.

A mother of five, battling stage four cancer, trying to make ends meet.  It's the kind of story that makes you want to help, right?  Many did.

Kathy Carron's niece was one of the biggest helpers to the unidentified woman in this case.  Chris Allsup was a breast cancer patient who died in January.  In her final days Chris was there for this woman who now appears to have been a fraud.

The woman raised over $7,000 for her cancer treatment online and more at fundraisers around the community. But, some became suspicious of her story and contacted Belleville police.  Cops investigated for a month and now have the woman in custody.  They say she does not have cancer at all, and charges could be filed as early as Wednesday.

Carron, who made a donation to the woman's fund herself, finds the whole thing overwhelming for herself, and her other niece. Chris' twin sister who continued helping the woman, organizing fundraisers, even after her twin had died.



    I agree watching video makes better sense of what the story is about. This Is truly a sad situation for everyone who was involved with the woman faking she had cancer. I hope she is published and made to repay any money that she has taken. Please continue to support those who are battleing cancer.

  • Nikki

    Her name is Alissa Jackson. She claimed to have had stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I myself have prayed and cried for this woman. I am fighting Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I would not wish this battle on my worse enemy..

  • Karen

    For those who are struggling to make sense of the “article”–it actually makes more sense after you watch the videoclip. They’ve transcribed the narration of the reporters and posted it below the clip. If the charges go through, they *will* release her name.

  • Niki D

    To know I cried for her, and prayed for a miracle… and then gave money that I didn’t really have to give just is appalling. I told people about her “courage” and how I admired her strength, I just feel disgusted and betrayed.

  • Mike Corleon

    I’m trying to delete my comment but I cant figure out how. I didn’t
    t get this number from anyone at work it came from a former employee who was not in any kind of management position.

    • K2daM

      Dont cry the milk has been spilled already, you acted like a bold and bad so live with it now. Screen shots are wonderful!

    • K2daM

      you have been trolled,.,,,, be careful in the future of posting someones phone number as you can get in trouble for it.

  • FishyBusiness

    What about the people who raise money for “cancer” research but never explain where exactly the money is going? I think if money is going to be donated in the name of someone, it needs to be donated directly to the organization. I think there is a lot of this scamming going on here in Belleville and all over. Think some others need to be investigated as well. I have seen some fundraisers in this local area for “team whatever”, but they never tell you exactly where your money is going. Saying it’s going to cancer research is not enough. If it truly is, provide a link for people to go on to directly make that donation in that person’s name. These same people who do these fundraisers……also are taking trips…etc.

  • Jon Anthony

    This soulless harpy should have to “work off” the $7K at a mens’ prison….$1.00 a “session”

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