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Charges filed against woman who faked cancer for donations

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) - Charges have been filed against a woman police say pretended to have cancer only to scam money from her community.  Alissa A. Jackson, 31, of Belleville, charged with two counts of Felony Theft.  Police say Jackson made thousands of dollars by tricking her entire community into believing she had terminal cancer. People also helped her raise more than$7,000 in community fundraisers along with online donations.

Her community eventually became suspicious and an investigation revealed that she never had the illness.

Authorities say she even made friends with a cancer patient who recently died.  That persons family along with the others who were scammed are furious.

Her bond has been set at $100,000.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Wow, that IS sleezy – really LOW on the ethics scale.

    She’s ALMOST as sleezy and low as Boeing or Monsanto! Down in the sewer down there with Missouri Republicans! ALMOST as greedy as Rex $SignQuest!

    That’s pretty low!

  • Laura

    I have had friends donate money to her during all that. That’s very sad and i wish the people who donated could get the money back or donated to a charity.

  • annoyed

    I have a dear friend suffering from cancer and her medical bills are off the chart. She will not allow anyone to do a fundraiser for her because that is taking money out of someone elses pocket. My heart is sick because of this low life person. How dare you.

  • The Dude Abides

    We very happy that this lady is cancer free. – Obama administration and media underlings.

  • Dez

    “The woman” they refer to was named Chris Allsup. This news story should continue with the amazing story of her very public fight and the resulting Team Chris movement, a Facebook phenomenon that started with a place for friends to order team shirts, to a group that had members in 7 countries!! I’m certain much of that $35,000 was taken from, or raised by, members of this group. Recently, Pat (Chris’ twin sister) and the bar she works at, threw an adult “prom” to generate funds to help Alissa. Team Chris members, who’s motto is (due to it being Chris’ example and words) “Live life to the fullest and be nice to others”, make a conscience effort to help those in need or simply do something nice for a stranger. All while proudly donning their team gear and bright pink car window displays. You can witness this pay-it-forward movement play out on Facebook. It’s like hope for the world on a page. #teamchris

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