Be weary of door-to-door magazine sellers

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(KTVI) - Now that it's summer, the door-to-door sales people are out in full force.

Chris Thetford, with the Better Business Bureau, gives warning about a couple of companies selling magazines door-to-door around town.

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  • Michael Margulis

    i sold magazines door to door for like 6 months, till i found out we were selling fake magazine subscriptions. should of known 50% commission was 2 good to be true. we would tell people it was to win a trip for school or a senior trip. It was very culty and we would stay in hotel rooms and only spend like 2 weeks in each city. but we had a quota and on lazy days i would just buy my family a subscription. after a few months when no one got their magazines. I quit and the boss guy bought me a bus ticket home.

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