Community works together to move 900-pound woman from bedroom

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EUGENE, OR (KPTV) — A woman who weighs 900 pounds left her bedroom for the first time in two years Tuesday, and it was all made possible by a community effort.

Sharon Hall-Dodson says she wants to work on improving her health, but she hasn’t been able to do that while stuck in her bedroom.

For the past six months healthcare workers have been crafting a plan to move her to her living room. To make that happen, crews had to remove a chunk of her bedroom wall.

Hall-Dodson says she’ll work on losing weight with proper equipment rather than having to move to an expensive skilled nursing facility.

“The crews and everybody have been so wonderful. They have all gone over and above, and it’s made it a lot easier,” said Hall-Dobson.

Several state agencies pitched in to help, including contractors and firefighters who volunteered their time.

A Eugene health plan coordinator says it will help to have Hall-Dodson working on getting healthy in a safe and comfortable living environment.


  • Shaniqua Jfeferson

    They should have moved her to the garage. Stick some tires on her bed and tow her to the drive-up at MickyD’s.
    It scares me to think what she was usin for a toilet. (problably the bath tub)

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