Food coloring linked to ADHD in small children

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The cause for ADHD is unknown, but a new study suggests there might be a link between the disease and artificial coloring used in foods.  The artificial colors that were linked are dyes such as Red number 3, Red number 40, Yellow number 5 and Yellow number 6.  These dyes are not being labeled as the only cause of ADHD but consuming too much of them have shown to increase symptoms in small children.

The artificial dyes are found in foods ranging from candy to cereal along with other items including mouthwash and marshmallows.



  • K

    This is nothing new…it’s been known for years that food coloring and other chemicals they put in our food is what causes this, allergies, cancers, etc. Clean up our food!!

  • Julie

    I’m not surprised. My brother had ADD/ADHD when he was little and red food coloring was a horrible trigger for him. If he had anything with the red food dye in it, he would become extremely agitated and sometimes violent and not remember anything of the incident. Once we stopped letting him eat anything that had the red food dye in it, he stopped having those kind of episodes.

  • Madi

    Could you possibly provide a link to the study? I would like to see the data behind this claim to analyze it for myself.

  • Markey

    You would need a subscription to Clinical Pediatrics to read the whole study but here is the link to the abstract:
    Amounts of Artificial Food Colors in Commonly Consumed Beverages and Potential Behavioral Implications for Consumption in Children

    Personally, I don’t need any studies. I’ve seen what those dyes do to children.

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