Jobs cuts coming to Mercy Hospital

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Jobs cuts are coming to the Mercy Health System.  More than 200 people will lose their jobs out of the 40,000 Mercy employees nationwide.

Mercy blames a drop in reimbursements from the government and commercial payers.

There have been fewer people filling beds and that’s a growing trend.


  • Mascoutan

    What is not included in this article is the very negative impact ObamaCare is having on hospitals. The mandates for cutting reimbursements in ObamaCare and Medicare/Medicaid is hitting hospitals hard, so that they cannot afford to keep the needed medical staff to provide care. The statement that “There have been fewer people filling beds and that’s a growing trend.” is very dubious without ANY supporting facts. I would assert that the facts that ObamaCare has also cancelled healthcare insurance for millions and driven up costs and copays for everyone would be a cause for fewer people being able to afford medical care. These cuts in medical jobs for local hospitals is only the beginning of the pending disaster.

  • Bob

    Every place I’ve worked at had a minor correction every few years in the number of employees. It’s a way of weeding out the bozos that they couldn’t legitimately fire on an individual basis, but was OK when they did it with a group of employees as long as they had an excuse.

    • Mascoutan

      Well Bob,
      that’s an interesting speculation, but considering that ObamaCare was supposed to increase the availability of healthcare to all those (alleged) people who “couldn’t afford” health insurance, wouldn’t you think that there would be MORE people getting care now? Again, the statement of “…fewer people…” is very suspect without any support. The reality is that ObamaCare cancelled insurance for millions and made health insurance much more expensive for the vast majority of people who have to suffer ObamaCare, while greatly reducing the number of doctors and hospitals that accept ObamaCare, thereby greratly reducing the access to healthcare for all of us.

  • rose

    Some of the empty beds are due to insurance companies insisting you get released, over riding a Dr.’s medical opinion that you need to stay. This happens quite often with private insurance customers. They refuse to pay for brand name medicines, even if they are not available in generic, they insist you try a different medication that IS available in generic. We need to make our appointments with the insurance companies, they tell us when we are well enough to go home and what brand of medications we can take, isn’t that what your doctor is supposed to decide?

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