Naked man dancing on I-44 arrested

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SHREWSBURY (KTVI) - A naked man dancing along the interstate was taken into police custody Thursday morning.

St. Louis Police got the call for a man wearing no clothing, walking and dancing along Interstate 44 around 6:15 a.m.   He was in the eastbound lane of I-44 and near Jamieson and continued eastbound until he got to Arsenal.

At one point, the man was on top of a car and police were able to talk him down.  The man appeared to be bleeding.

The man was taken away on a gurney to an area hospital for observation.



    • John

      Ok Gail, how would you feel if the nurse laughed when they found out you had cancer? Be professional or go work at Chucky Cheese!

  • Moira

    Bernie, if you dealt with nothing but criminals and victims of crimes all day I bet you’d think it was funny too.

      • Moira

        Pretty much everyone volunteers for their jobs. I’m sure we’ve all found a little hilarity in our own monotonous workplaces. No one’s behaves perfectly all the time, but I get it – cops are expected to.

  • JA

    Poor guy was probably on Ambien… there’s a lot of crazy stories associated with that stuff..

  • George W. Money

    At least he wasn’t dressed like Boy George singing “Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?”

  • hrdtail

    How can you comment on (lack) of professionalism when you have no idea what they might be laughing about. Maybe it had nothing to do with naked man.

  • Shaniqua Jfeferson

    I think that nakid guy was dancin his way to the Bad Dog Night Club on Chouteau Ave (Leather/bear bar with edgy weekend cowhide club — so says their advertisn)

  • Simeon

    I speculate that he was on ‘that molly’, or at least that’s what they say on every liveleak video where naked people are running around: “He on that molly cuz’, he on that molly”

    • rose

      STEVEN, I did, I also noticed a couple of other stories lately I thought he would be all over. Hmmm

  • Melodie Moshure

    Not funny…this poor guys had some kind of breakdown…either drugs or something made him snap….he needs help and compassion. His family is probably mortified and heart broken for him.

  • Carolyn Voiles

    He was dancing and singing
    “My Ding A Ling”
    When I was a little bitty boy
    my grandmother bought me a cute little toy
    Silver bells hangin’ on a string
    she told me it was my ding a ling

    My ding a ling, my ding a ling
    I want to play with my ding a ling
    My ding a ling, my ding a ling
    I want to play with my ding a ling

    And then mother took me to Grammer School
    But I stopped all in the vestibule
    Every time that bell would ring
    catched me playin’ with my ding a ling

    Once I was climbing the garden wall
    I slipped and had a terrible fall
    I fell so hard I heard bells ring
    but held on to my ding a ling

    Once I was swimming cross Turtle creek
    many snappers all around my feet
    Shure was hard swimming cross that thing
    with both hands holdin’ my ding a ling

    This here song it ain’t so sad
    the cutest little song you ever had
    those of you who will not sing
    You must be playin’ with your own ding a ling
    My ding a ling Your ding a ling, your ding a ling
    We saw you playin’ with your ding a ling
    My ding a ling everybody sing
    I want to play with my ding a ling

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